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Featuring: Diorama Man and Wild Girl

And you thought doing diarama's at school was a challenge. I took this photo when I was at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane last year.  Simply amazing isn't it? I saw this floating around Pinterest lately and wanted to share it again. By Nguyen Manh Hung, Click to visit I haven't posted much… Continue reading Featuring: Diorama Man and Wild Girl

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Maxine, She Is A Wild Thing.

This is Maxine... As some of you might already know, I love Where The Wild Things Are...and I always wanted to be Max in the story and travel in his little boat, so here is Maxine!  I love it but I think I'll make the crown a little more solid.   Anyway after completing the… Continue reading Maxine, She Is A Wild Thing.

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More Monsters, Wild Thing Monsters!

Wild Thing I thing I think I love you!  “Oh, please don't go—we'll eat you up—we love you so!” I can't imagine there are many people who haven't read this book.  When I read it I was Max and I felt sad and cranky to be in the room by myself, and before you know… Continue reading More Monsters, Wild Thing Monsters!