Modern Art and a Chocolate Shop.


The World Turns byMichael Parekowhai:  Love this elephant. The artist’s proposal comprised of three separate life-sized sculptures cast in bronze: a massive elephant tipped on its head, a kuril  (below) the local native water rat (I did not know that) which looks the elephant directly in the eye and the third a chair …um I didn’t see a chair? But I wasn’t looking for one either, so I’d say it is actually there.  Approx 5.5 tonnes.  Oh and I bumped into the head curator’s parents and had a lovely chat.



Piece by Tiffany Chung. This white “table” consists of, what seems like, thousands of little glass animals.  When you walk into the room from the other darkened rooms, it is such a great feeling.  The light that is reflecting off the glass fills the room.  Just spectacular.25-DSC_0057


Close up (well as close as I could get with my camera) of the giraffes.


More elephants, many many elephants and more.


The Toy Room (That’s what I am calling it anyway) Just kicking myself.  I didn’t take a photo of the information on the (very patient) artist who completed this work.  This is quite a small room but it is completely full of these pvc piping and toys (trucks and cranes etc).  (The next 4 photo’s are from the same room).34-DSC_0066

In the next 2 photo’s you can see the pipes and the cranes and a very detailed art piece on the wall.  The second photo shows an enlarge portion of the first.


I love this wonderful room.


The table below looks as if there is little boxes drawn on it, but this is actually a very detailed floor plan.  It has many many rooms, with the doors added in; it has bathrooms, toilets, sinks, bedrooms, everything.  I would love to have a kitchen table with this on it.  It is just wonderful to see.



The Vertical Village: A piece by Nguyen Manh Hung.  Here he captured the humorous reality of people moving into huge high rises -what he calls “vertical village” – but living as if they are still in a rural environment.  (Not my words, taken from the information plaque).

This piece is very well presented in its own cave-like nook, surrounded by cloud.



Love the detail, the little wonky turquoise window shutters at the top and the white ladder leaning on the structure, and even the air conditioning units.  So much to see, a bit like a where’s wally? (or waldo) page, the more you look at it or into it, the more you can find.



Papua New Guinean carvings. (2 Pic)  So much detail and the vibrancy can not be properly appreciated without standing there yourself.  Such happy totem poles with their smiley faces…I am not sure that the happy faces are meant as a welcome (in the old days anyway…I am guessing it used to mean “hello, we are happy to have you for dinner”) …no disrespect intended        🙂 <— smiley face.

50-DSC_0082 52-DSC_0084

Male and Female Spires:  I just thought I might include the information plaque that describes the last picture.  Mainly because of the kids sections.  I like how they have thought about the kids and explained it, only slightly, differently.  It’s a nice idea and surely must be appreciated by parents that love to teach their kids about art and other cultures.



Oh and the chocolate shop part of the title…well my son met me when I finished at the gallery and we went to get sushi for lunch, which wasn’t too bad; then we went for a walk to Southbank (former sight of Expo 88).  Specifically because I wanted to have a bit of a look at the Max Brenner Chocolate Shop, and strangely enough my son didn’t complain about it either.  We walked in and the smell was amazzzzingggg!  Oh so yummy!  We had just had lunch so I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate just wanted to window shop from the inside.  But we were offered a taste test and it was very nice indeed, hhmmm yummm.  They had great chocolate accessories as well, my favourite is definitely the kangaroo cup…

The chocolate melts and goes into your coffee and see the spoon, one end to mix and the other to lick! https://shop.maxbrenner.com.au/p-114-kangaroo-cup.aspx

So in closing…if you’re in Brisbane (Brisvegas, Brissy) drop into one of the Art Gallery’s then go and get yourself a hot chocolate from Max Brenner and please don’t tell me how good it is, because I have never had a Max Brenner hot chocolate. 😦   <—sad face…

Well that was some of my Friday…it’s almost the weekend people…enjoy!

Ruby Canoe xxx



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