Alternative Movie Posters


Amelie, such a wonderful movie, beautifully filmed, fantastic acting, fantastic everything.  If you haven’t watched this movie because of the subtitles, please do not deprive yourself of this movie.  My fav scene is walking the blind man across the road, keep an eye out for it.  This movie really just touches my heart.


I went to the drive-in to see this movie with my family when it first came out, I was about seven.  I still love it.  I’ve made my kids watch it and, admittedly they didn’t love it as much as I did, but they did appreciate it.  I’ll always remember the scene where the “Snowman” ran over all the bad guys motorbikes.  What a great ride this movie was.


Too bad it is over.  Great story. Great set of movies.  My kids grew up with these guys.  And life goes on!


First one was the best.  Great concept, and I love how references still pop up in new movies and TV shows.


Inconceivable, can now only be said in my house with a slight lisp.  This definitely is a timeless classic.  Just love the sword here, very well done.  If you like please hit the like button or follow along.

These posters are awesome, humans are so very clever.  I don’t know who is responsible for these, if you do just let me know so I can credit them.

Have a great weekend.


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