Where The Wild Eggs Are!


The wild eggs are in my front yard.

We have rogue chickens.  Yep rogue chickens, not chickens that are nonconformists, or are livin off the grid, just chickens that turn up in our front yard and lay eggs.  Well I presume they’re chickens, because none of us have ever seen a chicken wandering our front yard, probably because we live in kinda suburbia (kinda suburbia would be: not living 10cm from the next house, but about 10 metres from the next house, and a fairly big backyard).

Things we have seen in or around our front yard:

  1. A turtle (We live about 700 metres from a creek, poor turtle must have been tired.)
  2. A peacock (scared the holy shit out of me when it honked as I walked passed)
  3. A huskie in the back yard (he was as unhappy as I was to see him in the yard, very cranky dog)
  4. A rottweiler under my house (open the door of the office and standing infront of me was a GIANT rottweiler, we look at each other and I close the door and waited half an hour, strange encounter)
  5. A kangaroo (my daughter was waiting for the bus in the bus shelter across the road, ear phones in, as teens do, looks up, kangaroo jumps by, weird!).  Us Aussie think that people from other countries think that we have kangaroos just jumping down the middle of our streets, well, to be honest, sometimes it does happen, but not often!
  6. Snakes (not many, about…5 in the front yard over 20 years, that’s enough,

On the up side maybe the snakes will get rid of the chicken problem 😮

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