It’s A Banner Day…Well It Was But That Was Yesterday!

Well it would have been a banner day today…if today was still today, instead today is now 1.20am (ish) and I have been trying to post something all day (not constantly, cause that would be bizarre).  Then I had the bright idea to turn back time and use explorer…it is weird! Took me a good 30 seconds to figure out where to type in the address, well it has been a while.  So I usually use Firefox and every time I was trying to do a blog post or look at stats or put in my new banner  it was asking me to log in again.  Sounds dumb, but I was almost crying at one stage.  Has anyone had the same issue? And if you did how on earth did you fix it. Please comment and help me, If I don’t find out I am doomed to be trapped back in time.


Anyway, moving right a long.  I am not a Photoshop expert.  But I finished a banner yesterday, which is also serving as the watermark for my illustrations.  I followed a tutorial and come up with this…Not perfect…yet, but I really love it. Like I said in my Facebook post, I feel very bi-polar (no offense intended) about Photoshop, I love it and it made me cry I hated it so much.  (I really never cry at all, so when I do it is for a really good reason, or it is that time of the month and someone looked at me wrong).  The Etsy shop is almost set to go and will be open for business by Friday.  So once I have all my illustrations (total of 32 in the shop waiting for the green light) up and outta my mind then I can maybe spend a bit more time with Photoshop.

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Lots of Love

Ruby “Photoshop Demon” Canoe


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