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Thank You Thank You Very Much, you’ve been a beautiful audience!

Seriously you have! I just want to say a big thank you to all who have dropped by to have a look and to those that have liked, commented and reblogged as well.  In the few short months I have been doing this I have learnt a lot.  I can now do a post in under 5 minutes instead of the 4 hours the first one took.  I have met a few lovely people and not one crap person…yet…this is not a challenge people.  I have only ever used my lap top to look at the news etc and now I have set up my facebook page (without help from my teenagers) I set up my blog and set up my Etsy store, it doesn’t sound like much to some, but I have really enjoyed learning.  I know 1000 isn’t much and some sites can probably hit this in an hour but I am really happy with it, it’s a start, right.

Do other blogger ever feel like they are just talking to themselves? Or is it just me?  I find it funny sometimes, I have to resist the urge to comment and like my own posts, does any one else do that too?

My goal for this month is to actually hit 50 likes on facebook (pity likes are more than welcome!!!) so follow the link and hit like…pleassssseeee!!!! xxxxxx

Ruby Canoe ❤

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