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Gotta love an old camera or three.

Cameras; they can capture some awesome images.  And some not so awesome images.  We’re all in possession of a crap photo or two, the ones that were taken without the double-chin filter on the camera (product does not exist) or the photos with you posing in your sexiest pose, but then you look at it and go “holy crap is that my sexy pose…jeez no wonder…”


Recently I have been exposed to some very “interesting”, “professional” photographs. (I would love to share them with you so we could all laugh together, but I couldn’t humiliate someone like that).


 I had one of those old fashioned, all too rare, belly laughs.  My sister, who is an actual professional photographer, has always said to me, “just because you own a  camera doesn’t make you a photographer.”  Well as always, she is right (not always, but she’s probably going to read this).  I was looking at the, interesting,  photographers website (and I will not divulge the name), and had the previously mentioned belly laugh, but I kinda felt bad about it.  What if the people that are in these really bad photos thought they were the best they had ever seen…?  Maybe some day the subject of these photos will send them into Ellen and win a prize for them…cause that would be the only upside I think.  In reality I would expect a lot of these pics to be thrown in the bottom draw next to the old fashioned, boring school class photos, or tied to a chuck of cement and thrown in a lake.  It is just bad.


Before you invest in something as important as professional photos, do your research.  You have to pay for quality, but it is an investment.  If these people offer to take 400 photos (this number completely exaggerated) and put them on a disc,  and will also make you dinner and take you to a movie, for $72.59 you can bet your sweet arse they will be shit, crap, bad.

In closing, you get what you pay for.  Usually, you don’t understand that saying until you are in your late 30’s or 40’s, and you have wasted a shitload  lot of money on an inferior item…your welcome (a lot of you will already know this having bought that cheapo washing machine or that bargain vacuum cleaner, both of which only lasted 13 months, because the warranty ran out at the 12 month mark and I’m sure these things have an inbuilt destruction device that is timed to go off after the warranty runs out). (If this hasn’t happened to you…it will)

Ruby Canoe…vintage camera lover 🙂


stock photo 123RF
stock photo 123RF


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