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Some Chairs To Share…

Just in love with the art of these chairs.  In my other pretend life, (the one with the beach house and the 2 golden retrievers) I have some of these in the lounge room and one or two on the way to the east wing…as you do!






achair purple





Amazing what colour can do, right?  I have a sudden urge to start upholstering everything now.

To walk into a room filled with colour is such an amazing feeling to me, makes my little heart smile.  I think I might just attempt to add some more colour into my life and house.  Well that will have to wait until tomorrow as it is going on to 2.45 am here in Queensland Australia and it might be time to have a nice sleep…public holiday tomorrow (today) don’t have to drive everyone to school…yayayayyaay!!!! Night Night, sleep tight!!! xxx Ruby “Zzzzz” Canoe xxx

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