Fair Share of Chairs.

I wonder how the neighbours felt about this?  I just love it.  Art installation by Doris Salcedo. Doris Salcedo on the importance of memory. (Courtesy of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, You Tube channel) Hope you enjoyed your Chilly Monday. Ruby.


Rockin’ Stuff

So where the hell would I put this green chicken rocker ~ don't know.  What the hell would I do with this thing? ~ ride it I suppose.  What would it match, it's green...~ Nothing.  But I want it real bad, you bet your sweet frilly knickers I do!  Seriously who would think of making… Continue reading Rockin’ Stuff

Art, Home

Some Chairs To Share…

Just in love with the art of these chairs.  In my other pretend life, (the one with the beach house and the 2 golden retrievers) I have some of these in the lounge room and one or two on the way to the east you do! Amazing what colour can do, right?  I have… Continue reading Some Chairs To Share…