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Ya got curly, ya want straight. Ya got straight, ya want curly.

Can not find a source :(
Can not find a source 😦

A lot of my illustrations have long curly hair, at the moment.  I’ve found some awesome examples.  Very sorry, but some of these do not have sources to credit.  If any illustrations pictured here are yours and you do not want them here please let me know immediately and I will remove them, but they are just so good. 🙂

Alas :( no source.
Alas 😦 no source.
Again no source.
Again no source…no source…no source.
John Keats
John Keats
Street Art Utopia
Street Art Utopia
By Lesya Nedzelskaya
By Lesya Nedzelskaya
By Dan Redding (maybe?)
By Dan Redding (maybe?)
Kate Louse Powell
Kate Louse Powell
By Arabella
By Arabella  I particularly love this cartoon, this has actually happened to me.  I had spent a few hours straightening my hair and then went to pick up my niece from school.  I got out of the car and it started to rain, by the time I got to her class room the straight bits were gone, and to add insult to injury the first thing my niece says is “Wow your hair is so curly today!”  *rolls eyes and put her in the boot car and off we go!

I don’t go to the hair dressers very much these days, for a few reasons.

  • I have very long hair = lots of $$$$$$
  • My hair grows very quickly so I would have to get it coloured every 5-7 weeks which  = $$$$$$$ (last time I got it done cost me over $200 😦 …)
  • And ever since I can remember someone says “geez you have really thick hair” or “OMG I love your hair, it’s so curly” (you wouldn’t love it if you owned it), “Oh wow, so much hair”.   If you have curly hair you know exactly what I am talking about.

I’m not saying it’s a curse, it can just be a pain in the butt sometimes, but,  that one day of the year when your hair is having a great day, it’s bloody awesome, you just have to hope you’re going out that day, cause a day at home on a good hair day, is a day wasted.  Now I just have to go and colour and wash and treat and dry and straighten my hair…shouldn’t take more than half a day.  Have a great night.

Ruby “Bottle Red” Canoe,

13 thoughts on “Ya got curly, ya want straight. Ya got straight, ya want curly.”

  1. I like the ilustrations.
    Also, when I had a long hair it was currly and I want it to be straight…now I´m geting bold, so any hair would be nice!

  2. LOL, can totally relate, Yes, shock I know 🙂 Maybe I should start offering Drive-by Shootings for days when you are having a good hair day. No, I don’t pack my oozie and track down good hair and blow the owners away. I could offer a photography package that, if you discover that one day of the year good-hair-day, no appointment necessary and you zoom by the studio to capture the lovely-locks day :0 might be onto something 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. OMG yes that is an awesome idea that I have just given to you for the low low price of just 20% commision. You’re welcome. You know where to send the cheque…That is actually a good idea for the studio. Emergency photos!! xxx Loves Ya xxx

  4. I can totally relate to that. I’ve really fine and super curly hair, so it was perpetually bad hair days for me. Till I discovered rebonding. Life-saver.

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