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Featuring: Diorama Man and Wild Girl

And you thought doing diarama's at school was a challenge. I took this photo when I was at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane last year.  Simply amazing isn't it? I saw this floating around Pinterest lately and wanted to share it again. By Nguyen Manh Hung, Click to visit I haven't posted much… Continue reading Featuring: Diorama Man and Wild Girl

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Ipad Owl.

Sorry for so many posts today...last one until Monday I promise (unless something really interesting comes up)...This Owl is another example of the app Paper for Ipad.   Refer to previous post.  Just having a heap of fun with the Ipad and Paper... So have a great weekend all.  (I really wanted to say all y'all,… Continue reading Ipad Owl.

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Beards and Octopus. Octopus Beards. Bearded Octopus.

So I am totally going to need glasses by the end of the year, my eyes are so tired after these...this problem is not stopping me from watching a Project Runway marathon of season 10 (I think).  Every time I watch Project Runway I feel like I just wanna sew and design and totally feel… Continue reading Beards and Octopus. Octopus Beards. Bearded Octopus.

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Ya got curly, ya want straight. Ya got straight, ya want curly.

A lot of my illustrations have long curly hair, at the moment.  I've found some awesome examples.  Very sorry, but some of these do not have sources to credit.  If any illustrations pictured here are yours and you do not want them here please let me know immediately and I will remove them, but they… Continue reading Ya got curly, ya want straight. Ya got straight, ya want curly.

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Maxine, She Is A Wild Thing.

This is Maxine... As some of you might already know, I love Where The Wild Things Are...and I always wanted to be Max in the story and travel in his little boat, so here is Maxine!  I love it but I think I'll make the crown a little more solid.   Anyway after completing the… Continue reading Maxine, She Is A Wild Thing.

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A Cupcake A Day, For A Whole Month.

This illustration can be found in my Etsy shop Oh My! Just couldn't resist posting this (very long) pic of a Cupcake For Everyday Of The Month... It, conveniently, provides the recipe too! That is so nice.  So give some of these a go and let us all know how it went. Most don't look to complicated.  I… Continue reading A Cupcake A Day, For A Whole Month.

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Let’s Go On A Little Vacation!

Luggage means travel. When I see these old suitcases I just imagine the things they've seen and the places they've gone.  Who owned them so many years ago?  Who owns them now?  Would the original owners be happy we have discovered new ways to upcycle these little wonders, truth be known they probably couldn't care… Continue reading Let’s Go On A Little Vacation!

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Terra and Luna

Meet Terra and Luna.  Together they truly are awesome, without one the other can't exist. I've just watched a fantastic doco on the Galapagos Islands with David Attenborough narrating.  I'm only half way through but it's one of the best docos I have seen in recent times.  His narrating just enhances the quality of this production. What an… Continue reading Terra and Luna

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Well, ya get what you pay for, right?

Gotta love an old camera or three. Cameras; they can capture some awesome images.  And some not so awesome images.  We're all in possession of a crap photo or two, the ones that were taken without the double-chin filter on the camera (product does not exist) or the photos with you posing in your… Continue reading Well, ya get what you pay for, right?

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Now Where Are You Off To Little One?

So where is this little one off to? Off to Etsy to find a new owner? Just click and have a look around the Etsy shop. Please help to support small business by clicking, liking, commenting and sharing. Thanks All Love Ruby.

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Heart of the Steam Machine

I think this rusty little fellow is my favourite.  His name is Spencer and he has a great personality.  Not a great personality as in...gee he's got a grreeeaatt personality, if you know what I mean...he just has.  He is a little gruff at times, speaks is a low low slow slow deep voice.  He moves… Continue reading Heart of the Steam Machine

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One for the road.

Merry Christmas! A little early? Okay one last post.  Print of my illustration.  At my new Etsy Store    <-------Hit it, you know you want to. Night Night zzzzzzz been a long day Ruby xx


Illustration Inspiration

So this is my Facebook banner (the first one anyway).  I love that owl so much, the poor little guy needs a name though, I will have to think about that.  I am a huge fan of the poem The Owl and The Pussycat, so I may have to look to the poem for inspirations… Continue reading Illustration Inspiration


Welcome to Tues…Only a few more days till the weekend…You can do it!

My take on an illustration that I have seen recently on Pinterest. (The original is by Felicia Atanasiu, who does such wonderful work!) Cowardly Lion: Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage! What makes the flag on the mast to wave? Courage! What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty… Continue reading Welcome to Tues…Only a few more days till the weekend…You can do it!