A List Of People I Would Like To Have Dinner With…

(dead or alive) (fictional or non-fictional)

  1. Elvis…Just had to get that one out of the way…
  2. My Grandfather
  3. Einstein
  4. Capt Picard
  5. Capt Janeway
  6. Wonderwoman
  7. Nathan Fillion
  8. Amelia Earhart
  9. My Grade 7 teacher Mr Mac
  10. Cary Grant
  11. John Wayne
  12. Maxwell Smart
  13. Don Adams
  14. Mel Brooks
  15. Doris Day
  16. Katherine Hepburn
  17. Audrey Hepburn
  18. Wash and Zoe
  19. Jimmy Stewart
  20. Joss Whedon
  21. Roberto Benigni
  22. Nancy Wake
  23. Madam Curie
  24. Geena Davis
  25. Humphrey B. Bear
  26. Merlin
  27. Samantha Stevens
  28. Cleopatra
  29. Joffrey…so I could smack that little bastard.
  30. Dr Victor Chan
  31. Howard Keel
  32. Jamie and Adam
  33. Picasso
  34. Leonardo di Vinci
  35. Will Ferrell
  36. Sally Ride
  37. Tesla
  38. Ansel Adams
  39. Charles Darwin
  40. Riker

And that’s all I can think of…apparently I’m gonna need a bigger table 🙂


6 thoughts on “A List Of People I Would Like To Have Dinner With…”

  1. What a killer list of people to dine with! Heck, just rent out a restaurant for the night, save the issue with getting a bigger table 😉

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