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Work In Progress.

600978_526776334024737_332649629_nJust started this one today.  I never like a picture in its first stages, so I am not too excited by this pic, but it has potential.  A lot of hours and a lot of detail to go.  I will try to do a bit more tomorrow, but in the mean time…I am off to “try” to make the famous pinterest pinata cookies…my version anyway…lets see what slop I can create tonight, “insert maniacal laughter here”.


Hhhhhmmm, I don’t think they are going to turn out quite like this…

The Lazy Mums version is:

  1. Buy cookie dough
  2. Cut off the ends and bake
  3. While still warm, cut with a cookie cutter,  trim every third one and hollow out (for the middle of the horse/donkey creature)
  4. Cool
  5. Sandwich together one side and a middle bit and fill with mini M&M’s and then put the lid on.
  6. Take photo and put it on blog.
  7. Stand back being all proud or ashamed, depending on result.

Well it is 7.43 pm, I suppose I better get crackin’.

Ruby “biscuit, biscuit” Canoe.


EDIT*** So, just finished the cookies…anything I just wrote about the pinata cookies, please disregard.  Crapity crap crap!

I had a thought though…I could make the first inside out pinata cookies ie. cookie with mini M&M’s thrown on top.  It did not go well.  I was going to make them for my daughters best friend…well she is getting plain old cookies.  But at least you can look at the nice photo of what they should look like ^



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