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Without kids, With kids…

Great graphic from Nickmom.com
Great graphic from Nickmom.com

Anyone that does not have children…this graphic will make you laugh.  But please believe me when I say real life is much much much worse.  To “complete” this housework, you will need at least 24 hours.  You may also be vacuuming at 2am in the morning cause the kids are awake anyway and there is no effing way they are going to sleep.  When you start cleaning and vacuuming the house, you are putting in lots of effort and try to make it fun…cut to 24 hours later…you have finished…look at you go girl, you are exhausted, hungry (cause everyone else has been fed, they don’t like the food you have made for them but they sure are interesting in your food, now you just have to share), your sleepy, but you are finished…awesome…just do not turn around.

One or two tips, tidy their rooms and throw out all broken toys when they are asleep or at kindy/daycare.  When you have to go out once or twice by yourself, buy a chocolate and eat all of it before you get home, dispose of wrapper in the bin before you go into the house.  Do not buy the kids anything cause you feel guilty, they will live through the experience.

For all that is good in this world…read to your kids…sing to your kids too, make them watch old black and white movies and musicals and operas and rock and roll, read poems, tell them about how wonderful the world is, full of many different awesome people, and be the parent you had or wish that you had.  Be the parent that leads by example.  Be the parent that educates themselves as well and their child.  Just be good.

and aveagoodweegend (and have a good week-end). xxx Ruby.

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