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ELVIS MONTH. Day 7. Wild In The Country. (1961)

Year:  1961

Age:  26

Movie: 7th

OMG a fight scene in the first 3 seconds?  Really?  Well I must say he is getting better at fighting.  More believable too.  So when the fight is over he runs off and then he is in trouble with the law.  I don’t know what age he is meant to be playing here but it must be under 21 as he is release into the custody of his Uncle Rolf (William Mims, who has been in every TV show that ever aired in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s).

Okay, so I have to admit that I don’t remember watching this whole movie, I always remember it as boring, but I am writing this as I am about 15 mins into this movie and the acting is really good.   Irene Sperry (Hope Lange) is assigned to give him psychological counselling.  I am seriously surprised with this movie.  The last dramatic role until Charro! in the late 60’s.  The scene where he is talking about his Mother is very nicely done, however I find the ceramic chicken distracting 🙂

He meets up with Betty Lee and they go driving and he sings I slipped I stumbled I fell…

They end up at a club and they have a run in 2 bozo’s and their gal (Christina Crawford of Mommie Dearest fame), probably not the last we see of them.

He continues visiting Irene Sperry his therapist, who gets him to start writing things down as he has a way with words.  Wow Hope Lange’s hair just doesn’t move at all…just an observation.

Elvis sings to Noreen(Tuesday Weld, have you seen Heartbreak Hotel? Worth a look for a bit of corny entertainment) on the stairs and it’s really sweet and natural.  In My Way is the song.

Irene tries to convince Glenn to go to college and his is very much against it, which resulted in another dramatic scene.

Glenn gets very drunk and drives to Irene’s house to demand the return of his story.  Playing drunk isn’t  Elvis’s forte,  however it is quite amusing and made, both Hope Lange and myself, laugh.

He has a fight and shoves his Uncle and runs again, to avoid possible jail, but he is convinced to stay by Betty Lee.  And continues to visit Irene, where she continues her encouragement of his writing talent.  Of course Glenn falls in love with Irene, well, what’s not to like really, she is lovely.  (Remember the old series The Ghost and Mrs Muir…yep Mrs Muir).

Man there are so many statues of chickens and rosters in this movie.  When you see one you start seeing them everywhere.

So anyway Irene knows that love isn’t possible between them, even if she does have feelings for him.

So Cliff spread some rumours about Glenn so Glenn punched Cliff and Cliff died, Glenn gets done for manslaughter.  Then the inquest begins infront of, what seems like, the whole town.  And Irene testifies.  Which didn’t go well.  She returns home, unfortunately to attempt suicide…Yay Glenn is found to have no case to answer to and runs to Irene’s bedside.  He leaves for college to find himself and maybe just maybe he returns to Irene’s arms…but you will never know will you?

Closing song is Wild In The Country.

What a surprise! Great movie! You should watch it…surely it is on You Tube.

Co Stars Alive?   Tuesday Weld  YEP

                                  Hope Lange  NOPE

                                  Millie Perkins  YEP

My Favourite Song:    In My Way

Most Popular Song:  Wild In The Country (not really popular…)

Stay tuned for Day 8 of ELVIS MONTH.

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