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ELVIS MONTH Day 8 Blue Hawaii (1961)

Year:  1961

Age 26

Movie: 8th

Oh thank God for Blue Hawaii, something a little more upbeat…we had Elvis committing manslaughter in Jailhouse Rock and Wild In The Country, assault with a deadly weapon in Love Me Tender (shot his Brother), was responsible for his Father’s near death experience in King Creole (not to mention the leading lady was shot and killed too), murder (justified?) in Flaming Star and quite a number of minor (depending on your perspective) assaults in G.I. Blues and Loving You…To my knowledge there are no deaths or near deaths in Blue Hawaii and I am ready to sit back and sing along to some fabulous and very well known songs.  Angela Lansbury is a crack up as Chad’s (Elvis) Mum (even if she was only 10 years older), “Oh Chadwick!” her most memorable phrase.

The opening scene is of the beaches of Hawaii with the title song, Blue Hawaii.  The song Blue Hawaii was first recorded by Bing Crosby for the movie Waikiki Wedding (1937). so I have attached both versions.

I don’t really know why I can’t find a clip of Blue Hawaii from the movie.

Chad has just gotten out of the army and Maile is on her way to pick him up from the airport.  She is speeding and a police office on a motor bike spots her and races of after her…in the process his bike has a bit of a wobble, close call, almost had to film that one again.  Turn the volume up when Chad is leaving the plane…you can hear fans screaming.  Chad hasn’t changed at all and is already kissing another girl when he is leaving the plane.  Maile is a little cranky but she gets over it real quick.  Apparently this is normal behaviour (huh?).

On the way to the beach… Almost Always True.

Joan Blackman plays Maile.  They get to the beach and change into their togs, bathers, swimmers, bikini, swimming costume, what ever you call it in you part of town… and they bump into Chad’s mates, singing a beautiful song, Aloha Oe. As you do.

And Maile looses her bikini top, weird acting there, she looks for it while Elvis sings to the boys.(?) Don’t worry too much, she didn’t do the rest of the movie topless, the dog found it of course.

Chad goes to visit his folks “my boy’s home from the war!” at which point his mother continues to smother him and they expect him to take over the family business.  Angela Lansbury has a very amusing Southern accent.  She was pretty awesome and still is.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Chad decided to enter the tourist industry instead of the family business.  The first group of clients is a good looking teacher and a group of teenage girls (hhmmm).  Chad has to attend his Mother’s party and Chad and the boys perform…

Rock A Hula Baby

I really love the feel of this movie.  Seeing Hawaii in 1961, the cars, the old hotels, even the people walking in the back ground, love their clothes and even their hand bags.

And so off the tour group go with The King…to a pineapple plantation.  A convertible full of girls, and one cranky little wench (Ellie){Played by Jenny Maxwell, who was murdered in 1981}.

A beautiful song…so sweet, the girls singing back up to Chad, I even love the way it fades out..Moonlight Swim

Maile is getting very jealous of Miss Prentice {Nancy Walters} (the school teacher), and completly gets the wrong idea, you know how us girls can be? Sometimes!

Man he looks good in those shorts…Ku-u-i-Po

A fun song…Ito Eats

Closely followed by a very 60’s beach song…Slicin’ Sand.  Love the outfits and the groovy dancing, looks like a heap of fun.

Hawaiian Sunset, one word…NICE.

There is some loud mouth and his wife in the audience.  And Ellie is about to cause a wee bit of trouble and a…wait for it…fight…surprise.  A few karate moves in the fight sequence too.  Off to jail with you young man…’cause someone shovel his face against your hand…Gee he sing pretty when he is in jail.

Beach Boy Blues

Horse riding with the tour while Island Of Love (Kauai) is sung over these shots.  Looks like just a filler of time, cause there is no real point to it other than to sing Island Of Love, which is a good enough reason really.

So Ellie tries to seduce Chad and it doesn’t go as well as she expected, as half the cast file into Chad’s bedroom. Ellie takes a car and drives away with Chad in hot pursuit.  Unfortunately or fortunately Chad captures her and gives her a good spanking…spanked the cranky out of her maybe…  🙂

And then all the girls are fine by breakfast.  Everything is sorted out…almost…then the Maile jealousy issue get sorted out and now everything really is sorted out.  Oh love love love the pink top with the ruffles that one of the girls at the breakfast table is wearing.

The closing scene, where Chad and Maile are getting married by the pool, was shot at the Coco Palms Resort on Kauai, where Elvis was staying when filming the movie.

And they live happily ever after.

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Blue Hawaii is the most successful soundtrack Elvis ever released.

Juliet Prowse was set to become Maile, however after the studio received her demands they decided against it.

Elvis appeared at a charity event to raise funds for the Arizona Memorial a few weeks before filming.

Miss Prentice (Nancy Walters) was only 18 months older than Elvis.

I really enjoyed watching this again, great songs, some sweet, some rockin, some slow.  A little bit of E for everyone.  Watch it on a Friday night, with some chips and dip and a nice scotch…you know you want to!

Co Stars Alive? Joan Blackman  YEP

                               Angela Lansbury  YEP

                              Nancy Walters  NOPE

I wonder how long it is going to take before we get a movie where the main co stars are still alive???

My Favourite Song:    Rock A Hula Baby (♥)

Most Popular Song:  Blue Hawaii/I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Stay tuned for Day 9 of ELVIS MONTH.

1 thought on “ELVIS MONTH Day 8 Blue Hawaii (1961)”

  1. With Joan Blackman on the beach ! A dream of paradise !

    “No longer doubt! Descending from the sky,
    She lifts you in her arms to realms on high.
    And so you into Paradise are brought,
    As if worth of pure and endless life:
    Nothing is left, no wish, no hope, no thought,
    This is the goal of your inmost drive
    And seeing one so fair, so glorified,
    The fount of yearning tears was straightway dried…”

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