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ELVIS MONTH Day 10 Kid Galahad (1962)

Year:  1962

Age:  27

Movie:  10th

So guess who’s out of the Army again?  You guessed it…Elvis AKA Walter Gulick AKA Kid Galahad.  Still looking pretty damn fine in his uniform and singing some pretty cool songs.  Most people won’t know them but lots will.  Opening scene, Walter hitching a ride on the platform of the back of a truck…doesn’t look real safe, but I would expect Walter to be invincible for the next hour or two.   Kid Galahad is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name, the director of the 1937 version was Michael Curtiz (director of King Creole).

King of the whole wide world

Off to a picnic.  To sing I Got Lucky, I’m pretty sure that half way through the song Elvis is looking at Joan’s boobs, amusing.

I Got Lucky

Walter and Rose decide to get married and Willy is not very happy about it.  Dolly sees how love is meant to be and give Willy her final ultimatum, he says all the wrong things even though he does love her and she packs up her stuff and leaves.

A Whistling Tune

A Whistling Tune was originally set to be in Follow That Dream, but was cut.  If found a place in this movie and there are two different recordings floating around.

Poor Willy really misses Dolly and hangs out at the local Bar/Restaurant (what ever) and spies on her, ah so sweet…we call it stalking.  Then Willy returns to the homestead to find that the gangsters have broken the hands of Lew (Charles Bronson) to convince him to make Kid Galahad throw the fight.

The gangsters think they have won, but Willy and most of the towns people bet on The Kid to win and the gangsters loose, Rose and Walter kiss, Dolly and Willy kiss, and Lew’s hands are still broken.  Apparently it always works when you double cross gangsters… NOTE:  Do not try to double cross gangsters kids.

Co Stars Alive? Gig Young NOPE

                                Charles Bronson  NOPE

                                 Joan Blackman  YEP

My Favourite Song:  King Of The Whole Wide World

Most Popular Song:  King Of The Whole Wide World

Stay tuned for Day 11 of ELVIS MONTH.

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