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ELVIS MONTH Day 11 Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)

Year:  1962
Age:  27
Movie:  11th
The only one of Elvis’s feature films to be nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Sun, surf, summer days and Girls! Girls! Girls!  Groovy, catchy, and a load of sax.  Fantastic title song.  Elvis is on a charter boat with some clients pulling in a stock footage marlin.  This movie is the most played movie of all the Elvis movies.  And I can see why.  This formula just works perfectly.  Songs+Girls+Fights=A Classic Elvis Movie.   Elvis plays Ross Carpenter, and he is in love…with a yacht and will stop at nothing to buy it, insert obstacles here.

OMG I just realised that there is 13 songs in this movie.  I will add them at the end of the post this time, for my convenience really… 🙂

So Ross really wants to buy the yacht and that’s when his arch nemesis turns up in the form of Jeremy Slate (he played Turk in G.I. Blues) who plays Wesley Johnson.  From the beginning they butt heads, over a boat then over a girl.

Stella Stevens hated this movie and hated being in it, and she looks like she hates it too.  She just sounds sarcastic most of the time.  At the other end of the spectrum is Laurel Goodwin, she is a nice girl and looks like she is really enjoying herself too.  Elvis and Laurel seem to really click.  The scene at Mama and Papa’s place is really sweet with Papa stealing the scene.

Ross and Laurel end up on the island where the Yung family live and those super cute little girls.  This is one of my favourite things about this movie.  Soooooo cute!  and they sing too.  They sing Earth Boy in chinese and then act it out with Elvis.  The little one gets really mad in Chinese and it is hilarious.

When they get back to the marina the yacht has already been sold to…yep…Wesley Johnson.

Back to the night club where Robin (Stella) works.  The place where the waitresses all look like they are part of a giant Where’s Wally (or Waldo) game.  He is then hired to sing at the club and Robin is unhappy with this.  Ross sings the world-famous Return To Sender.  Laurel runs off, Ross chases after Laurel, they have a chat infront of a theatre, which has movie posters on display out the front.  The movie is Blue Hawaii.

A few songs on the tuna boat…

And off to Laurels apartment.  Laurel costumes for this movie are great, so 60’s.  Those high-waisted pants are awesome.  And Ross all in black is okay too!  I have just read some facts about this scene and the dancing but I won’t elaborate.  You can search for it if you would like… 🙂

Another tuna trip and this time they catch a ship load…When Ross return from the trip Wesley Johnson is waiting for the boat.  They argue over money and stop in a convenient area with some convenient stunt props to land on during a fight.

Ross then finds out Laurel has bought his boat, The Westwind.  He decides to run off to Paradise Cove and Laurel chases after him on The Westwind.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to sail and has to get Wesley to sail it for her.  And this is where the stunt people almost get killed.  Watch the scene as Wesley is all over Laurel and a small boat, with stunt Elvis in it, goes out to pick her up to rescue her.  The smaller boat is along side the yacht, after picking up Laurel and it moves away, however it hits a wave and the smaller boat is tossed in front of the yacht.  The yacht actually runs over the boat, you can see the stunt people panic and try to protect themselves.  It really is very dramatic.  Very lucky, still looked like it hurt though.

Final scene.  Bring out those cute Chinese gals!  Now sing a really cute little version of the title song…Girls! Girls! Girls! but it’s Dainty Little Moonbeams and Girls! Girls! Girls!  Geez those girls really throw everything into that twist!

Cut songs:

Sung by The Amigos in the movie.  This version is Elvis and The Amigos.  Nice.

As the poster suggests, lots of girls, lots of songs and a lot of Elvis.  All in all it’s a fun movie and really easy to watch and listen to.  My favourite scenes, of this movie, are always the ones filmed on location in Hawaii.

Co Stars Alive?  Laurel Goodwin  YEP

                                 Jeremy Slate  NOPE

                                 Stella Stevens  YEP

My Favourite Song:  Earth Boy

Most Popular Song:   Return To Sender

Stay tuned for Day 12 of ELVIS MONTH.

2 thoughts on “ELVIS MONTH Day 11 Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)”

  1. I agree with you. Girls, Girls, Girls is a good movie. It is just fun to watch. Elvis was such a dream. I have listened to Laurel Goodwin talking about Elvis and she had nothing but good things to say about Elvis. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this movie.

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