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ELVIS MONTH Day 17 Girl Happy (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  17th

Starts off with the four boys in the band all dressed in Yellow, looking oh so cool and oh so 60’s.  Cliff Richard could have driven into this movie on his Summer Holiday and you wouldn’t even notice.  Rusty (Elvis) is assigned to look after the daughter of the night club owner, in Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break, yeah good luck with that.  On the way to FL each of the 2 groups of kids sing parts of Spring Fever, which sounds quite nice until the girls chime in with their shrill and grating voices, which are all screaming out we are singing in an Elvis movie and need to compete…no you don’t, just don’t sing again…if you can help it.

Rusty’s tactic to keep an eye on Valerie is to get her hooked.  The song Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce just sounds strange, not that it’s a bad song but to sing about the Chamber of Commerce just isn’t right.   They loose Valerie, she gets drunk, and hooks up with an Italian, the boys steal the boat that she and her Italian are on and drop it into the set pool, cause just about everything is filmed on a set in this one.

The longer this movie goes for, the worst the acting gets, or should I say the over acting.  The over acting is by the boys in the band.  And saved by a great song, a beach song, Do The Clam, just listen to the music and try not to judge it by the dancing.  And during the song they kidnap or roll up the Italian in a carpet, which happens to be on the beach of course. The get back to the fake hotel and one of the girls gets picked up by a guy named Charlie, who just happens to be Dan Haggerty…Grizzly Adams!!!

I feel like we are heading to disaster with this movie.  It feels like a rollercoaster ride of Elvis’s career.  The carriage is heading to the very bottom of the dip with Girl Happy.  The rollercoaster kinda bottoms out within two movies…the very bottom being Harum Scarum.  It would have been a whole different story if he had of chosen his own movies, but, unfortunately Tom Parker chose them and also chose to take 50 % of everything too.  What he maybe didn’t consider is that if he had of chosen wisely he would have made a heap more money.  Even the costumes in this movie bug me, Elvis in long sleeves for most of the movie at the beach, what’s that all about eh?  Elvis skiing with a long sleeved jacket on, it makes no sense.

So I have about half an hour left of watching this movie and Mary Ann Mobley is finally growing on me.  Shelley Fabares is always nice too… back in Spinout and Clambake too.  And the stripper is hilarious and is very familiar to children of the sixties and seventies.  Oh I don’t have a clue why they are playing Three Blind Mice…just strange.  And a lot of the songs were release in a weird sped up version, making Elvis’s voice quicker and higher.  This movie just confuses me.

Val ends up in jail after a bar fight and The sheriff, who is Uncle Fester and The Kid from the movie The Kid, anyway the sheriff he has little screen time but it’s good screen time.  The college kid from Roustabout shows up to be a college kid in Girl Happy to break into jail.

They break out of jail, I rolled my eyes so many times, what are they thinking?  Val’s father reveals that he didn’t pay Rusty to do all the things that Rusty did, and they lived happily ever after…maybe.

Co Stars Alive:  Shelley Fabares  YEP

                                   Mary Ann Mobley  YEP

                                   Gary Crosby  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Girl Happy

Most Popular Song:  Do The Clam

Stay tuned for Day 18 of ELVIS MONTH

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