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ELVIS MONTH Day 18 Tickle Me (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  18th

Ah Tickle Me, I’m so torn with this one, it has some really great songs, but it’s a bit silly, but fun silly…soooo I enjoy it.  Elvis starts off by singing Long Lonely Highway, which I think was actually meant for Roustabout and was cut.  Very cool song that one.  Elvis was 30 when filming this one, and you can see a tiny bit of weight when he gets off the bus.  But that’s what happens when your 30.  He plays Lonnie a rodeo rider, out of work he sings to earn a crust.  The girls love it and their guys hate it, you know how that goes…fight (with Red West)  fired, hired by a gorgeous lady…and off to the Circle Z Ranch.  The boys will enjoy this movie a fair bit, starting with the girls doing their stretches.  Oh so many shapely girls!!

Haha just watching the scene in the pool with Brad teaching a lady to swim, remember those swimming caps with all the flowers on them.

Lonnie keeps singing, and the girls are all very distracted.  Lonnie is singing I’ve Got A Dirty Dirty Feeling, oh look the first use of the Gangdam Style dance, another Elvis first.  Oh Lol this scene is hilarious, complete with the horse sing at the end of the song.

Elvis didn’t record a new album for this movie, instead he sung songs that had already appeared on earlier albums and previously unreleased songs.

Lonnie rescues Pam from the hooded bad guy, in a very dramatic fight scene.  The hooded man demanded the letter that Pam’s grandfather left her…the directions to a stash of gold…cue dramatic music!

Pam goes to the nearest deserted ghost town to attempt to find the treasure, with Lonnie attending uninvited.  The one of the strangest scenes…dream sequence back in the wild west, it’s quite funny though.

Apparently they have the same pay phones at each different rodeo.  Pam won’t take Lonnie’s calls.  They all end up at the ghost town where it is very sunny and there’s lots of thunder???  Moving on…they’re stuck there because of the thunder storm, then it becomes an episode of Scooby Doo…people in masks and an old lady in a rocking chair that keeps disappearing, fake exits, secret compartments…you get it?  Stanley accidentally finds the treasure, of course.  Lonnie and Val get married and drag Stanley off to their honeymoon.

Co Stars Alive:  Julie Adams  YEP

                                  Jocelyn Lane  YEP

                                  Jack Mullaney  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   It’s  A Long Lonely Highway

Most Popular Song:   Such An Easy Question

Stay tuned for Day 19 of ELVIS MONTH

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