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ELVIS MONTH Day 30 Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (1970)

Year:  1970

Age:  35

Movie: 33rd

Concert and rehearsals.  We get it all, including a few bloopers.  During the first rehearsal footage Elvis looks ike he needs a good rest.  He doesn’t look bad, quite the opposite actually, he just looks like he would really appreciate a good holiday.

I am watching this with my daughter, who is not a huge Elvis fan…in fact she describes Elvis as that crazy uncle she never sees, but just knows really well.  Anyway, we are watching this together (for a little while…she just left) and she is watching the rehearsal and she says “gee, that’s really cute, he looks like he would have been a really nice guy”.

Love Ronnie Tutt on the drums, keep an eye on him.

The rehearsals move from Culver City LA to the Las Vegas Showroom, with the full orchestra, the band and the back up singers.  Oh and of course the Memphis Mafia.

Concert’s about to start…Oh yeah the break out the white jump suits, my favourite.  The Fringe Suit!!! Yeah baby!  Unreal banana peel. Mega stars in the audience, George Hamilton, Cary Grant etc.  That’s All Right mama, a song he has had to sing for many many many years, is still so fresh and relevant, love the arrangement.

Hound Dog so entertaining.  Love the launch of that song.  James Burton’s collar is ever so impressive.  Love Me Tender  is the song that gets played when Elvis runs the gauntlet of the (what seems like) the entire audience.

Just Pretend is fantastic.  Listen to it full blast with a bucket of wine.  The Wonder Of You is so powerful.  Patch It Up oh yeah oh my God those moves and that drum, holy moley!


OKAY Polk Salad Annie.  If you haven’t seen this doco, and you really are only reading this post to kill time, I need to tell you one thing, you can not adequately complete your life without watching this.

During One Night watch out for the funny backwards shuffle.  The audience are fully entertained for the entire concert.  This man knows how to entertain people.

Suspicious Minds, everyone knows this one, particularly funny when he sings close to the back up girls and gives them a scare.  The ending of the song, spectacular, watch Ronnie Tutt behind on the drums.

The way the girls in the audience are looking at Elvis during his performance is to be seen to be believed.  But THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS.

Co Stars Alive:  Glen Hardin  YEP

                              Charlie Hodge  NOPE

                              Jerry Scheff  YEP

My Favourite Song:   Polk Salad Annie

Most Popular Song:   Suspicious Minds

Stay tuned for Day 31 of ELVIS MONTH

2 thoughts on “ELVIS MONTH Day 30 Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (1970)”

  1. They don’t call him THE KING for nothing!! If I could have been in the audience for any of his shows, it would have been this series of concerts. Absolutely brilliant.

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