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ELVIS MONTH Day 31 Elvis On Tour (1972)

Year:  1972

Age:  37

Movie:  34th

Not the best documentary out of the four (68, that’s the way, aloha).  It’s a mix of concert footage, behind the scene footage and old stuff from the beginning.  We see Elvis hanging out with his buddy’s and with his Dad.

Fills in a few minutes with photo’s of Elvis and his family, and a few words with Vernon.

The fashions are very seventies with the ruffles and great prints.  Elvis is usually seen with his trademark sun glasses on and wearing the leather cuff/watch, lots of jewelery and big fancy belts.

The is also a few shots from the movies worked into Love Me Tender.  That chick with the 20’s bob hair cut is just a riot.  She is just sooooo happy she saw him and cries for ages.

The greatest version of An American Trilogy is performed.  Just fab.

Elvis is presented a little guitar with flowers all over it, on a plane, as it is handed to him it breaks and it’s really quite funny to see the look on his face.

After the end song we see Elvis rushed to his car and bundled in.  I just find this a bit sad actually.  I couldn’t imagine living like this.

I really don’t know what else to say, it was okay, but, for me, such a let down after Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.

Co Stars Alive:  Joe Esposito  YEP

                             Lamar Fike  NOPE

                             Vernon Presley  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   An American Trilogy

Most Popular Song:   An American Trilogy

Stay tuned for Day 31 part 2 of ELVIS MONTH


1 thought on “ELVIS MONTH Day 31 Elvis On Tour (1972)”

  1. I think the film itself was technically the best of the 4, it’s just that Elvis himself wasn’t at his best. The Gospel stuff is awesome.

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