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ELVIS MONTH Day 31 Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii (1973)

Year:  1973

Age:  38

Movie:  35th

Morse code starts this concert.  For about 15 or so seconds, morse code and when I heard that sound I would come running to see…Aloha From Hawaii.  Elvis arrives in a helicopter greeted by fans and leis, leis that almost cover his head.  While waiting for the concert to begin you see footage of the entrance to the concert with a little bit of entertainment, dancing girls and a robot, the look on the little girls face seeing that robot is classic.

The iconic outfit, the bejewelled white jumpsuit with the eagle on the back.  Elvis is a little fuller in the face for this one…the last one…  😦

Some of the music is a little more mellow, and some not so much.  We have the pleasure of An American Trilogy during this concert, and Steamroller Blues my favourites.  Beautifully done, and the power in his voice is amazing to listen to.

This concert is very well organised.  I have spent this month watching all the movies and this is the forth concert, but there is something missing here, something within Elvis is missing.  He doesn’t look like he’s having fun at all, compared to Elvis: That’s The Way It Is, Elvis’s mood is just not right.  However, having said that, it was a wonderful concert.

Co Stars Alive:  James Burton  YEP

                             Ronnie Tutt  YEP

                             Joe Guercio  YEP

My Favourite Song:  American Trilogy

Most Popular Song:   American Trilogy

Stay tuned for Day XX of ELVIS MONTH 


Back to the art side of things next week, I’m looking forward to that.  See you next week 🙂

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