Gone Fishin’

Have I told you lately that I love you..oh Silhouette Cameo machine how I love thee.

Can’t wait to see what this looks like in a frame. This reminds me of sitting on the banks of a river with willow tree branches hanging down behind me.  ❤

Enjoy your life, it ends too quickly…even when you don’t expect it.

And a big shout out to my NSW cousins…stay cool and stay safe!

Ruby Canoe xx

Well Ya Don’t See That Everyday…

A koala, you don’t see koala’s everyday..but when you do they are so bloody cute!  I wouldn’t pick one up though, have you seen their claws?  I am very lucky to live where I live.  Yesterday I was saying goodbye to my little family, in the front yard, and just across our little street I saw something move…”A koala!!! A koala!!!” I yelled, and we all just stood there watching this koala bounce across the grass, like it had no problems in the world, grab hold of the tree…has a little look around, and continues on his little journey to his dinner.

I have lived in Oz all of my life and only see koala’s, on average, once a year.  They are amazingly beautiful.  This one just happens to be the only one in the general vicinity and is happily doing the rounds of the eucalyptus trees feasting all by himself.  Or herself of course.

I did happen to snap a few (far away) shots. 

A Few Little Goodies…

Just a few little goodies I’ve been working on during the week!  Sold a few of each…well apart from the red heart, which I have done anything with yet, but it is just beautiful and I love it.  I was thinking of just mounting it simply on some thick white card cut in the shape of the heart, but just slightly bigger, and frame it.  Pretty stuff.  The reindeer tags and the black dress gift bag are both available through my Etsy Store or through my Facebook page. 

And if you happen to hit the Facebook link, why not give a girl a “like” on facebook, I would just love it!  Thanks! Ruby xx

These Are The Droids…And Han And Leia…

Again I must stress, I am not a photographer!  But I took these, with my phone, just to show you what I am up to lately.  As you know, cause you have read all my posts, cause you are completely and utterly floored by my wit and talent…I bought a Silhouette Cameo machine, and love it completely…well almost completely, a few things that I have to work on, like how to make the cutting mat more sticky and then less sticky.  And the quality of the paper I use is, in my opinion a big factor.  And a few other little things, but the more I use it the easier it is.  If you have recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo, I highly recommend you head on over to a little place called You Tube, you can learn things as simple as “How to unpack your new Silhouette machine” etc etc.

As soon as I posted the Han and Leia piece a close friend of mine jumped straight in and grabbed one then suggested a droid one, so I made one of those too.  The Han and Leia piece is not my idea at all, but the Droid one is, Yay for me!  Oh and yay for me again…since posting my first piece “The Love Tree” I have received orders (there is an “S” on the end, plural!! oh yay!) everyday!  It is very exciting.

Anyway I would really love it if you could come on over to my Etsy store and just have a look, cause I am adding things every 2 days or so at the moment, and hit me up with a like on my facebook so I don’t keep feeling lame! 🙂

Take it easy! Ruby! xx

Love Tree

A new listing on my etsy store.  Australia only, unless you’re desperate…money talks 🙂

I received my Silhouette Cameo this week and this is my first piece.  Hopefully many to come.  I have found this machine to be wonderful, so far.  The software is easy to use and the outcomes limitless.  It’s also great that I can find free svg files online, courtesy of some fabulous crafters.  Crafters are very sharing people.  Other than that there are heaps of designs available at the Silhouette Store for $1, which can work out a little pricey when you want heaps!

Ruby. xx


It’s Now 3.30am I Should Be Asleep!

Sometimes I think there are just too many things in the world to do.  I look at Pinterest and pin a billion things to the craft board, each one I am certain I will make today, oh and then something else, and then more.  Curse you Pinterest! No I didn’t mean that, sorry Pinterest I still love thee.  It’s the sleepiness talking.  It’s 330 am and I suppose I should be going to sleep but OMG I have been trying for 3 hours already.  A teeny weeny bit frustrating I have to say.  So I gave up, it’s school holidays here for another week so I’ll sleep tomorrow or today or sometime in the future.

Yep exactly like that.

So sometime this week, I am hoping for Tues or Weds, I will be the proud new owner of a Silhouette Cameo machine.  I just hope I don’t get caught on the Pinterest merry-go-round when I go there for some ideas.  We decided to purchase this beast after no research at all, cause that’s how we roll at our place…well we bought it so I could actually sell some shit on Etsy…hopefully! I think the fact that I only have one sale is a bit off-putting as well.  So it’s time to diversify…diversify or die… I have always been a huge fan of cut outs and having seen birth announcements and marriage invitations done by these machines I was sold.

So many possiblities…I can’t wait to get stuck into a few practice projects, I just have to break it to my husband that I also really need a new laser printer…truly I do honey.  🙂

I hope Maria and Paulos had a wonderful day! xx

Before I spent 2 hours trying to get to sleep I watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.  I was happy with the ending, so many final episodes are infuriating…Seinfeld!  I was kind of expecting Jesse to be the only one to make it through, but the way he was driving makes me think that a few kilometres down the road he wrapped that car around a telegraph pole (do we still call them telegraph poles? hmm something to ponder when I try to get to sleep again).  I was happy that they got to find Hank too, why did Hank have to die…?  Why? Liked me a bit of Hank I did.  So that’s the end…but I can’t dwell on that because… Scandal is back on this week! Now it took me a very long time to forgive Tony Goldwyn for having Patrick Swayze killed (confused? don’t be…he had Patrick Swayze killed in Ghost)(Holy crap I just googled Ghost…wait for it..1990… !!!!!).  I could not watch him in anything, but I love this show, and I love the casting as well, probably the only thing that bothers me would be Huck’s fake beard and fake long hair, but I can live with that.


I can’t really think of anything to dribble on about so I’ll see ya.

Ruby xx♥