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These Are The Droids…And Han And Leia…

Again I must stress, I am not a photographer!  But I took these, with my phone, just to show you what I am up to lately.  As you know, cause you have read all my posts, cause you are completely and utterly floored by my wit and talent…I bought a Silhouette Cameo machine, and love it completely…well almost completely, a few things that I have to work on, like how to make the cutting mat more sticky and then less sticky.  And the quality of the paper I use is, in my opinion a big factor.  And a few other little things, but the more I use it the easier it is.  If you have recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo, I highly recommend you head on over to a little place called You Tube, you can learn things as simple as “How to unpack your new Silhouette machine” etc etc.

As soon as I posted the Han and Leia piece a close friend of mine jumped straight in and grabbed one then suggested a droid one, so I made one of those too.  The Han and Leia piece is not my idea at all, but the Droid one is, Yay for me!  Oh and yay for me again…since posting my first piece “The Love Tree” I have received orders (there is an “S” on the end, plural!! oh yay!) everyday!  It is very exciting.

Anyway I would really love it if you could come on over to my Etsy store and just have a look, cause I am adding things every 2 days or so at the moment, and hit me up with a like on my facebook so I don’t keep feeling lame! 🙂

Take it easy! Ruby! xx

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