Satellite Gal & Co.

Creative people quite often become obsessed about what style they create or what famous artist their work resembles.  The easy answer to the “who am I like?” question is...wait for may want to sit are just like you! If you enjoy drawing stick figures, then draw stick figures.  If you enjoy doing photo… Continue reading Satellite Gal & Co.

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A Few New Additions To The Etsy Family

Tea Bag Butterfly Pack of 10 Giftboxed Wedding Cake Toppers 2 Bird Houses joined by heart garland Wedding Cake Toppers 3 Bird Houses Sorry short and sweet tonight!  Have a great day/night!  Ruby xx

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Bird House Party Favours

Well school is ending here in Australia, for another year.  The grade 12 "kids" finished up a few weeks ago, the grade 11's and 10's finished yesterday and I think most of the other grades finish this week and next week.  This year has gone so fast, says everyone over 35.  It certainly has. I… Continue reading Bird House Party Favours


A House Made Of Love and Sugar.

162 panels of sugar sealed between two panes of window glass, and this is what you get.  AMAZING.  I can not begin to imagine the planning and time that went into this wonderful piece.  To achieve the different colours the sugar was cooked to different temperatures, with great effect. Title: Solarium, 2012 Artist William Lamson. … Continue reading A House Made Of Love and Sugar.

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Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

Tiny houses...easy to clean, quick to tidy, no clutter (cause there is no room), sounds dreamy to me...but idealy, I would love to have a big old cottage type of house with a tiny little cottage arts and crafts studio out the back of my non-existent house, over looking my non-existent rolling hills and my… Continue reading Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

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Wobbly Houses

This is Wobbly House Lane. The first house has many many rooms to house the large Fitzherbert family.  Mr and Mrs Fitzherbert, Goldie Fitzherbert (10 year old girl), Noodles Fitzherbert (8 year old boy) The Twins; Bill and Ben Fitzherbert (not flowerpot men) (Ben is short for Benweena...a girl! both are 4 years old), and… Continue reading Wobbly Houses