Etsy Success…Well Getting There Anyway!


So I have been working on filling the Etsy store and getting it just right.  I have deleted a number of items, that I felt didn’t fit and condensed it down to just 3 sections.

It definitely takes a while to work out the kinks and make the store more pleasing to the eye.  I watched many of the posts from the Etsy site…basically I typed into Google…How to be successful in Etsy…and wouldn’t you know it, there is a crap load of stuff.  It would be impossible to implement all of these things, and why would you anyway.  But I took what was applicable to me and ran with it.

The first thing I did was, strangly enough, stopped posting all of my own stuff on my facebook page.  I was a little too eager to share my new items with all (All 268) of the people who liked my page, and I also posted pictures of any sales I made too.  When I thought about it, I realised that it is not very interesting to focus on just yourself.  So I posted a pic of a cute puppy dog (I know, but it works) and a few little things for Australia Day.

The second thing I did was to delete a heap of my original items.  There was nothing wrong with them, but no one was looking at them and I certainly was sick of looking at them so out they went.  Now I include them as a free gift with every purchase.   Looks better and feels better

The third thing, I just filled in my profile and a little more info about myself in the bio.

And probably a few other little things too, that I can’t remember at the moment.  But after I did that I received 2 or 3 orders, a possible order for about 200 wedding place cards and…I received my weekly Etsy email with a few featured items in the email and OMG there in this email, that goes out to all Etsy Australia people, is one of my items.  The Mens Boutonniere

Clearly the more time I put in the better the result….who would have thought it was that easy…derr.

Luv Ruby! xx

Here Comes Valentines Day!

Hearts in an Envelope, sending my love. Valentines Day gift from Ruby Canoe Design, Etsy.

Well it’s that time of the year again.  Just thought I would get in early, so that any orders will reach you before Valentines Day.  Each of these little pieces are sent unframed and unmatted, and to be honest, it is much cheaper for you to grab a frame from your local store.  Very affordable, just $12, available through the Etsy shop, and looks so much better in real life too! Click Here For Etsy

Love Tree, Initials of family and your colours added. Ruby Canoe Design Etsy store.

And the Love Tree.  This one sells very well.  A great gift for engagements and weddings and (wouldn’t you know it…) Valentines Day!  Just $20 excluding postage, all you need to do is let me know the colours and the initials.  Click Here For Etsy

So here is just two of the selection from the Etsy shop, I have heap more little goodies awaiting a new home.  Oh and if you would like me to send it straight to the recipient, let me know via a message in Etsy, and I will gift wrap it and put a lovely little tag on it, just from you…saves you paying twice the postage, right?

Ruby xx

Sherlocked and Loaded and Ready To Weep.

Yep, I am absolutely terrified.  Terrified of Sherlock spoilers.  Terrified it is all going to end.  Terrified that there will be no more.  I can’t read the news, I can’t trawl Pinterest, I can’t click on links in my Facebook news feed etc etc etc.

The masterpiece that is Sherlock has me completely hooked.  There is nothing about this classic television that I can pick on.  Oh apart from the fact that there will never be enough Sherlock.  I’ve finished watching the first two episodes of the most recent season, and just one to go.  Sad face.  My prediction for the season ending will be tears and plenty of them.  (Oh God will it be the series finale??)(Do not tell me!)

Is it the end?

Weather Update:

Just an update on the extreme Brisbane weather, apparently we received 27000 lightning strikes over the 2 hour period until the storm moved out to sea late this afternoon.  There has been localized flooding and various storm damaged.  One person has survived being struck by lightning and is recovering in hospital, I hope all goes well for her.
This weather event seems to have cooled the city, which we desperately needed, as our state (and other states this week) have endured temps up to 49 degrees celsius.
Excerpt taken from a quote given by:
Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dean Narramore said Amberley, Peel Island and Grantham bore the brunt of the extreme weather, as large storm cells “collapsed”.
Mr Narramore said the “collapsing storm cells” did not circulate air like tornadoes, but expelled huge amounts of wind, similar to tornadoes.  “When the core of the storm collapses you get this big push of air,” Mr Narramore said.  “A lot of storms in that part of the world showed this type of signature behaviour.  “That is part of the storm collapses, it kind of hits the ground and pushes out the air in front of it.  “And you get this really, really strong wind – you get this 20 or 30 seconds of really strong wind and then it just drops right back.”
The only advice I could give to anyone when you experience extreme weather, be it rain, hail, heat or snow (or whatever special extreme weather you have in your region) just listen to the warnings given, and follow instructions.  Also give a thought to your pets and/or native animals, sometimes they need a helping hand from us.  As you can see when they get desperate they don’t care who you are.  For our native animals during periods of extreme heat it would be great to leave out some shallow containers of water out (and away from your pets) so they can help themselves if needed.  (Be cautious as they are still wild animals, cute furry wild animals, but still wild).
So, it’s early (very early…3 am early) Tuesday morning…must remember to get the boys to put the bin out before 6am 🙂 …and I can hear the cicadas doing their thing outside, but the air is very still, and I don’t have the air conditioner on (for the first time in about 5 days).  It seems that the ferocious storms have cooled down everything and we can have a few normal days.  Yay.  Going back to sleep now 🙂  Night Night…Oh and they aren’t called koala bears…just koala’s, not bears 🙂

Ruby xx

Some Very Active Summer Storms

Around 7000 lightning strikes in the storm that just went through.  I was looking out the lounge room window when I saw a lightning strike about 500m away.  Very impressive.  This strike was followed by two others in almost the same place.  Followed closely by massive thunder.

Just such a crazy storm.  Stradbroke Island has had a large fire burning for a few days now, I hope that this will help them.

Luckily I have heeded the warnings recently, I moved the car under cover, tidied up the yard, moved loose items, and protected the animals.  Do you have a storm plan?

Stay safe.


Easy: How To Make Butter Tutorial

I was very lucky after Christmas and the local supermarket had marked down lots of units of cream.  So I bought about 5 large (600ml) containers.  I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with all that cream, but it was Christmas/New Year and we were having guests and some nice dinners.  But still 5 containers of cream??  And I really hate cream.  Seriously, even when I have to decorate the odd Pavlova (the Pav itself is not odd) I usually substitute the cream with vanilla yogurt, which is yum, you should try it…and if you have never had Pavlova, you should try it…yum!

Anyway back to the cream issue.  It is the 3 of January and I had one bottle of cream with the used by date of the 5th, and it’s 9 o’clock at night… so I said to myself “self! I think it is about time I made butter” so here is what I did…

  1. Pour cream into the mixer.
  2. Turn mixer on.
  3. After a few minutes, when it is a bit watery you can drain the buttermilk and save for pancakes.
  4. Add about a quarter teaspoon of salt (optional) mix for 20 seconds more.
  5. Drain more buttermilk.
  6. Put on fresh toast and add some jam.

I didn’t take any photos of the making of the butter but just imagine…

a picture of cream here…

now imagine…

a picture of lumpy yellow cream here, with watery stuff all around…

and here is some butter, that I made for $1.13 and it is really really nice.  Um I also added some toast crumbs for effect.

It is really simple, you don’t need anything fancy and you only really need one ingredient.

Have a great day or night.  Ruby Ruby Ruby xxx

Easy Do It Yourself Pet Bed

Easy Do It Yourself Pet Bed Tutorial Included. Ruby Canoe Design

***I originally posted this in June 2013.  However due to its popularity I have decided to repost this one.  I made one for one of my cats, she knows it’s hers and everytime I look at her curled up or sprawled across it it makes me smile.  So here it is…give it a shot, it’s very easy and lasts for quite a long time, I have added a little bit of stuffing in the last month but that’s it. Easy 🙂

The above picture is actually from a McCalls pattern.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had a good look at it, sorted it out in my cluttered brain and then proceeded to make one pet bed complete with a top blanket…and I did it in about 15 mins for about $8.

I just know you wanna know how to do it…it is soooooo simple.  So I am going to show you how to make a cheap and easy, no sew, pet bed.

  1. Grab yourself 2 contrasting coloured fleece blankets, I got mine for about $4 each.
  2. Lay them on top of each other on the lounge room floor, making sure you haven’t attracted the attention of pets, because they WILL try it out by sitting right in the MIDDLE of your material.
  3. Cut an appropriate sized circle…mine was about a metre across (3 feet) I just sketched mine with a black marker.
  4. Now cut fringes all around the fleece circle.  Make sure they are about 4 cm (about 2 inches) wide and  I cut about 10cm (4 inch) in from the edge.  Be sure to keep both pieces of material together, they pretty much stick together anyway, so I didn’t even pin them.
  5. Now tie almost all of the fringes together, leave about ten untied.
  6. Find an old cheap pillow laying around and cut it open and stuff that stuff into the pet bed.
  7. Tie up the remaining fringes.
  8. I also added an extra bit of material on the top to act as a little blanket, cause it has been cold and I feel bad about them being cold.  So,  I cut a semi-circle from the left overs and gave it a fringe and tied that on too…I just have to lift up the little flap and Maat The Cat jumps on in.

Da daa, easy peasey!  Seriously it is so very easy to make.  This is something you could make with a very young child as well (supervision is essential, scissors: Ouchy mama).

I have also, previously, made a scarf with this tieing technique…so I suppose you could also make a reversible scarf with the two different colours tied together.

Anyway give it a shot and let us know how you did.  Please feel free to share this post or reblog if you would like, we don’t want our furry children to miss out! xx

PS Have you seen some of the lovely new additions to my Etsy shop, the listings might have changed quite a bit since last time you were there, so why not have a look 🙂 Click here.

And Happy New Year! xx