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Challenge For The Week: Stay On Target!

The challenge for the week is to stay focused.  Very difficult.  Me trying to stay focused..lol.  This is what is going on at the moment:

(And yes I secretly say this to myself sometimes, in the voice too)

         I am using my laptop on the lounge, TV is on and a Friends episode is on…but it is muted, my son is making himself pizza for breakfast, he is listening to some swing music by Caravan Palace (if you haven’t heard them before they are really worth a listen), he is asking me where things are in the fridge (have a Mum look !!) then there’s no ham, can I use bacon?? Yep you can!  Do I cut the fat off?  Yep you can!  I just throw that in the bin right?  Yep you can!  You aren’t going to make something out of it are you? (I am on a recycling kick at the moment and we are all about using everything)  However I feel he was being a little facetious there.  Then the complaints about fatty bacon, and then the cats decide it’s time to run up and down the hall way, which ends when one lands on the lounge and the other sits and looks at the victor for 27 seconds and then walks away, presumably to have a nap, cause they are cats, and after running for 3 whole minutes they need their 20 hours sleep.  On the upside, it gave me something to write about!

So being focused is difficult as it is in any household.  But being a Mum helps, you tend to block things out when you’re a Mum, until things get quiet that is, or until there is blood.  So happily there is no blood, and plenty of noise…

So that’s my first post of the week.

Have a great day all!

Ruby Ruby Ruby (said in Cary Grant’s voice as in Judy Judy Judy which he didn’t say but you know…just go with it).  xx

Oh and on a really crappy note…I was genuinely upset to hear of the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  I just keep shaking my head over that sad news.  A lot of people are going to see his photo on the news and say “oh that guy died”  but many many many other people knew what a fabulous actor he was.  Brilliant actor, and I don’t say that very often.  I have followed his career since it started and I am very sad and disappointed when I think of the many future roles and beautiful performances we have missed out on.  This news is just shit 😦

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