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Mouthful Of Oil Anyone?

Okeydoke, here we go.  Sitting here typing away.  Two cats sitting on the floor looking at me like, well they are looking kind of concerned.  I have bulging cheeks. And there is a strange noise coming from my mouth.

I am oil pulling.

Soooo, have you ever heard of oil pulling (not that kind, out of the gutter people!).  Until last week I had never heard of it either.  I haven’t told any of my friends, I told my husband and he kind of went “alrighty then” (the general rule in our house is: happy wife happy life, I did not make this rule, but it seems to work).  Anyway back to oil pulling…oh God just typing this makes my stomach turn…When I was pregnant (keep reading it’s only a short little story) with my second baby, I didn’t want to go over the due day by 2 weeks like the previous child.  So I took a spoonful of castor oil (oil pulling does not use castor oil, so don’t panic) and threw up, holy crap that shit is disgusting (and I must have swallowed some of it, cause I went straight into labour within 1 hour), even now I know where that stuff is kept on the shelf at Woolies and I can not look at it, cause I dry reach and it is a little embarrassing in public. So the though of a spoonful of oil in my mouth was yukky.

Oil pulling is…um…basically using oil instead of toothpaste.  Keep reading and stop rolling your eyes.  So you put a teaspoon (or whatever suits you) of raw coconut oil in your mouth and you swish it about for twenty whole minutes.  Eye rolling yet? Yes twenty minutes.  Who has the time to do that you ask?  I do.  I work from home and have a few things to do during the day, so after school drop off yesterday I tried oil pulling for the first time.  I didn’t throw up, BONUS! I put a teaspoon of raw coconut oil into my mouth and swished and swished and did a few things and after twenty minutes of swishing I spat it into the bin (not the sink).  It feels good so far.

Now why you ask?  Apparently it whitens your teeth and it removes the bacteria blah blah.  I have heard it cures (yes cures!) cavities…I don’t understand that bit really?  How the hell that works I don’t know.

Anyway it is just a little experiment and I can’t see the harm.  I would just like whiter teeth and that is really the only reason.  There is plenty of info floating around so google away people.  Just remember to take some information with a grain of salt.  And seriously I am not recommending you do or try anything.  Just letting you know what I am doing.

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