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Eye Spy

What I see when I look out my window:

  • Brown grass that crunches under foot (could do with some rain)
  • weeds (could do with a gardener!)
  • beautiful wrens (these beautiful wrens are fascinated by seeing themselves in the mirror of my car, this explains the poop in the side of my car…)

  • double bar finches
  • Lol a chicken egg (we have a ghost chicken…we have never seen it but we get about 3 eggs a week, just randomly placed in the garden…as you do)

  • Roma tomato plant
  • cherry tomato plant (both tomato plants have grown randomly, I suspect the seeds were washed down the sink…at this rate I will be able to make a chicken caesar salad complete with poached egg and chicken, just from stuff I find in the front yard)
  • gum trees

  • palm trees
  • wattle trees

  • a bus shelter
  • the park
  • walking track (I lied, it is really just a path to the local shops, but walking track sounds so much better)
  • jet fighters (RAAF base)

Short and sweet post.  What do you see when you peek outside?



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