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Hot Pink Butterflies

Here is another listing from the SCATTERFLIES range, by Ruby Canoe Design.  Ain’t she pretty?  These Scatterflies are great to use at a wedding, toss them across the wedding tables, make your own back drops or garlands or even decorate some cupcakes with them!

In the next few days (more likely weeks) I am thinking of posting a few tutorials on what to do with these things.  The first one is probably just some place cards and then we might move onto something a little more adventurous like backdrops.

So why not follow my blog or check out my Etsy shop to keep up to date on all the new products.

FYI:  Scatterflies are supplied in packs of 30 or 100 (pack of up to 300 in the works) and are priced at $5 (Australian Dollars).  Just click HERE to purchase.

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