Psst! Have You Heard Of Scatterflies?

So, have you heard of Scatterflies?  Probably not, cause I just made it up.  I decided to do a new line of products for my Etsy shop.  Complete with proper big girl packaging. And here is the completed product.

Scatterflies.  Hand punched paper cutouts of butterflies, dragonflies, and hearts…so far.  There are currently 27 in the range, but I do take requests…not to sing, cause nobody wants that! So if you are interested in Scatterflies or the concept of Scatterflies, but don’t see one in the colour you like or don’t see one in the shape you would like, just ask me!  🙂  You could also request a custom order from Etsy just by clicking HERE

So remember SCATTERFLIES by Ruby Canoe Design  $5 (Australian Dollars).  Tell your friends!!  xxx

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