Retro Rocket Boy!

I’ve always loved rockets.  And how I wanted to be an astronaut, I particularly loved the idea of space camp…still do, truth be told.  Oh, how about adult space camp, where we get a 3 course meal at the end of the day and a bucket of wine…oh yeah!  (Take a moment to ponder the awesome Adult Space Camp…….).  Anyway, back to reality (Poop), I’ve been seeing quite a few retro rocket prints floating around (  <——Space reference) on Pinterest lately.  They are just adorable!  So thought I would find a great design and then make my own and put it up for sale in my Etsy Store.  It turned out pretty cute!

Since I have completed the photography for the Etsy listing I don’t really need the papercut anymore 😦 and I don’t know of any Williams.  So if you know a kid called William or if you own one and want this papercut (it is actually listed for $20 {Australian Dollars} in the Etsy store) just contact me and you can have it for $10 plus postage.  You can comment here or go to Etsy or my Facebook page..or email or twitter or instagram or telegram or send a pigeon if you like!

I will be doing a matching airplane papercut shortly, so if you want the William one and you have another cherub, let me know and I will put their name at the bottom and you can have both for $10 each.


New Etsy Listing For Halloween

New listing ready for Halloween.  We don’t do much Halloween here in Australia, but the retail stores keep trying to make us do Halloween.  But it doesn’t need to be Halloween to use these cake decorations.

A few years back my sister got married so it was my task to organise the Bridal Shower.  My sister knew I was planning it, so that part wasn’t a surprise, but as she was, and is, a life long horror movie fan I planned the whole thing as a Fancy Dress Horror Bridal Shower.  And it was spectacular.  She was quite horrified when she arrived after she spent 3 hours doing her hair and make-up and everything else, just to sit down and have everybody do her horror make up and then dress her up. Completely ruining all her good work.  However, a great time was had by all.

You should try a little something different for you next get together, it’s a riot!  🙂


This cake decoration comes with 3 rows of flags, one skull cut out and 2 sturdy paper straws.  All ready to be assembled and put straight onto the cake.  Easy Peasy!!

Happy Birthday.

I made a wedding cake topper yesterday and had a few flowers left over and a few little bits of card as well.  Most of my off cuts go to the local Kindy but I really loved these colours together, so the local Kindy missed out this time around 😦

I was so happy with how this turned out and only did it for my own amusement.  So if anyone wants it, it is ready to ship on my Etsy store.  Is attached or not attached, to a sturdy squewer to pop into the top of a cake.  And if you really loved it, you could probably put it in a frame too!

I have listed about 20 new items in the last week or two, so if you haven’t visited my Etsy store recently or ever why not come over and have a little looky around.


After I made this one I made one for my sister.  She loves her birthday so much so actually throws herself a birthday party every year.  She is a wacky one!  I am totally opposite about my birthdays.  However it might be a bit of a sad birthday party this year as she just messaged me on Facebook that her beloved poodle had just died in her arms.  One of her furry babies is gone.  So sad for her.

RIP Polly Woodle! Luvs ya sis! xxxxx

Ruby xx