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New Etsy Listing For Halloween

New listing ready for Halloween.  We don’t do much Halloween here in Australia, but the retail stores keep trying to make us do Halloween.  But it doesn’t need to be Halloween to use these cake decorations.

A few years back my sister got married so it was my task to organise the Bridal Shower.  My sister knew I was planning it, so that part wasn’t a surprise, but as she was, and is, a life long horror movie fan I planned the whole thing as a Fancy Dress Horror Bridal Shower.  And it was spectacular.  She was quite horrified when she arrived after she spent 3 hours doing her hair and make-up and everything else, just to sit down and have everybody do her horror make up and then dress her up. Completely ruining all her good work.  However, a great time was had by all.

You should try a little something different for you next get together, it’s a riot!  🙂


This cake decoration comes with 3 rows of flags, one skull cut out and 2 sturdy paper straws.  All ready to be assembled and put straight onto the cake.  Easy Peasy!!

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