Plans for the Tardis

Tardis sepia framed,

These Tardis blueprints or plans make excellent gifts for the little Whovian in your life!  I have sold quite a number of these beautiful prints lately and shipped them all around the world too.  The A4 and A3 sizes are printed on watercolor paper which give it an excellent vintage feel with the benefit of thick (200gsm) long-lasting and acid free paper.  3 different colored backgrounds available.


The Tardis,

How many things can Mrs. Alfred Wells stuff into her station wagon?

1959 VW Station Wagon a smarter way to go!

Vintage adverts are just beautiful.  I can’t wait to have these printed for myself.  Why don’t ads look like this anymore? I would love to see a video of the process of making these ads, I am not sure I get the full effect just by watching Man Men.  If you know where to find such a video feel free to send me a link 😀

Love the very retro colors, and I just love those levitating people there.  The dog, a St Bernard no less, these dogs were very popular way back when, the nannynun type person, the one hundred children that Mrs. Alfred could clearly afford to feed and house and the friend.  Implying any friend wants to jump into a car with all those kids/dog/nannynun and picnic baskets.  Ah it was a simpler time.  Rather quaint though.

Now available in my Etsy store in a variety of sizes.  Many more VW available along with planes, patents, rockets, Lego’s, helicopters, star ships, firefly, Star Wars etc etc etc  Stay tuned for more uploads every week.  Prices start at approx $8 (US)

1959 VW Station Wagon a smarter way to go.

Who Doesn’t Love a Bug?

Cut away of a 1963 VW

I grew up in the 1970’s in Australia and I was convinced that everyone’s parents had owned a VW beetle or bug at some stage in their lives. I remember being a little confused about getting the groceries out of the front of the car instead of the boot, such a novelty!  We had (I think) a light green one, and my Mum taped a note to the dashboard to remind her that the blinker was on the opposite side to normal Australian cars.  (Yes not only do we drive on the other side of the road we also have everything else on the other side of the car too).  I loved the sound of that car too, who can mistake the sound of an old VW coming down the road, not that you see or hear them as much as we used to, which is a bit sad, but that is life I suppose.

So I guess that explains my love for VW artworks.  I found this little gem in an original owner’s manual, I’ve cleaned it up a little and added a few things and moved a few other things to create this beautiful print.  I can’t tell you how much I love this print and all the beautiful retro colours.  Makes my little heart leap with joy!  I have this available in my Etsy store along with a heap of other Volkswagen prints.  Previously I have only had blueprints for sale on Etsy but after finding these beautiful little beetles and buses I just had to add them too.

So why not pop over to and see what I have been up to lately.  And don’t forget about little old  and there is a third store in the works at the moment, which is a combined effort with my son, stay tuned!  😀

VW 1963 cutaway red

May the Fourth Be With You


Sick of hearing about a movie that is decades old?  Sick of hearing about some conflict in a galaxy far far away?  Nope, neither am I!!  This weekend I have watched all the original trilogy movies, and I watched it a little differently this time around.  I watched it and judged the hell out of it.  Verdict…it certainly has aged well.  I really couldn’t pick on any of the movies, well, except the new bits which was only a slight irritant.  Just a fantastic set of movies that has held up perfectly (my 18 year old daughter agrees).

After watching Star Wars (yeah, when I was a kid no one called it a New Hope, so I’ll just stick with Star Wars) over two days I then re-watched the new preview of the new movie for about the tenth time and then watched a heap of interviews.  Most of them from Comic Con (or others similar), but I was fascinated to watch Mark Hamill talk about all sorts of things.  That interview went for about an hour and, if you like that kind of thing, was riveting.   I really think that Christmas is way to far far away for my liking!  So I suppose I will inhale all that YouTube has to offer until then!

Oh and of course the Speederbike from Return of the Jedi is a new listing in my Etsy shop.  Different sizes available and different colors also available.


millennium falcon

millennium falcon