May the Fourth Be With You


Sick of hearing about a movie that is decades old?  Sick of hearing about some conflict in a galaxy far far away?  Nope, neither am I!!  This weekend I have watched all the original trilogy movies, and I watched it a little differently this time around.  I watched it and judged the hell out of it.  Verdict…it certainly has aged well.  I really couldn’t pick on any of the movies, well, except the new bits which was only a slight irritant.  Just a fantastic set of movies that has held up perfectly (my 18 year old daughter agrees).

After watching Star Wars (yeah, when I was a kid no one called it a New Hope, so I’ll just stick with Star Wars) over two days I then re-watched the new preview of the new movie for about the tenth time and then watched a heap of interviews.  Most of them from Comic Con (or others similar), but I was fascinated to watch Mark Hamill talk about all sorts of things.  That interview went for about an hour and, if you like that kind of thing, was riveting.   I really think that Christmas is way to far far away for my liking!  So I suppose I will inhale all that YouTube has to offer until then!

Oh and of course the Speederbike from Return of the Jedi is a new listing in my Etsy shop.  Different sizes available and different colors also available.


millennium falcon
millennium falcon

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