Rockin’ Stuff

By Jaimie Hayon
By Jaimie Hayon

So where the hell would I put this green chicken rocker ~ don’t know.  What the hell would I do with this thing? ~ ride it I suppose.  What would it match, it’s green…~ Nothing.  But I want it real bad, you bet your sweet frilly knickers I do!  Seriously who would think of making this?  Jaimie Hayon did.

Seriously? Jeez.  Get your groove on…throw up…no more groove.  Pretty but not practical.

Oh My God, YES PLEASE!  What beautiful beautiful work done here.  I would have this any day. Oh yes I would find a place for it, somewhere, I suppose I could get rid of the dining table…maybe!

I have seen this one a few times over the years and always on Handmade Charlotte, I have seen that there is an artist by the name of Bharti Kher credited with this masterpiece. We maybe shouldn’t let the kids play with it though…or maybe we shouldn’t let the dad’s touch it either, you know what they’re like.

Holy Moly! A Mazing!!! by NextOfKin Creatives.  Humans never cease to amaze me.  So sleek and, well, you will never get splinters from this one. I just wanna give it a little ride around the block.

Rocking birds, hhmm now I am singing Mockingbird by Johnny O’Keefe and it is just about bed time, damn it!


Oh sigh, a rocking donkey…grumble grumble, I want one of them.

Rocking horses became popular only around the end of the 19th century, and boy have people made some wonderfully ornate pieces.  Ornate or plain, whatever your preference is, you can’t help but lapse back into childhood when you see the one that you still want.

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