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How I Met Your Mother. Season Finale. No spoilers.

So just finished watching HIMYM, season finale, loved it, loved it, loved it.  My 19-year-old son summed it up by yelling at the screen “OMG it’s happening, it’s all coming together!” (we are not quiet reserved people in our house).

Fan Art  <3  If you know of a source please let me know so I can credit the artist.  :)
Fan Art

I think I watched the entire episode with a big silly smile on my face.  (Which is amazing as I have a headache that would kill a small to medium-sized dog).  So much happening, it was starting to come together.  Trying for no spoilers here.

  • The scene with Lilly and Robin (back in time) discussing the locket.  It always makes me happy when they go back to another time which we have already experienced but haven’t seen the whole story.  A great touch.
  • The scene with Marshall at his Mums house.  It just struck me that it takes a very large man to make Marshall look small.  His brother is huge.
  • The best scene is Marshall on the phone to the bearded guy (no spoilers here, so I have to be a bit cryptic).  The banter was fantastic.  Both actors equally great and comedic.
  • Poor Ted, he really needs something to take his mind of Robin.
  • And of course the scene with the camera focused on the boots, eeekk so exciting.  I was on the edge on my seat, really I was.  I don’t think I was the only one.  We have waited for many years and here it was.  The surprising casting was….surprising, but perfect.
Fan Art, It would be great to credit these things that we find on the internet, but sometimes you just can't find any source..  :(
Fan Art, It would be great to credit these things that we find on the internet, but sometimes you just can’t find any source.. 😦

Now if you haven’t seen the episode, please don’t google anything, leave it as a nice surprise.  Obviously not all of it will be a surprise, but some will and it’s just so nice.  Sweet and cute and nice.

So kids, set your alarm clocks (phones) to the last two weeks of September for the new season of How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM Gif.  <3
HIMYM Gif. ❤

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