A House Made Of Love and Sugar.

162 panels of sugar sealed between two panes of window glass, and this is what you get.  AMAZING.  I can not begin to imagine the planning and time that went into this wonderful piece.  To achieve the different colours the sugar was cooked to different temperatures, with great effect.

Title: Solarium, 2012

Artist William Lamson.  Please click on the link and visit his website.  There are so many installations to view.


Planning the placement of these panels must have taken quite a while.  Would love to be a fly on the wall to see this process.

Two on my favourite things…art and sugar…trying to give up one of them 🙂

-xx Ruby xx-

DIY Pet Bed…Cheap and Easy.

The above picture is actually from a McCalls pattern.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had a good look at it, sorted it out in my cluttered brain and then proceeded to make one pet bed complete with a top blanket…and I did it in about 15 mins for about $8.

I just know you wanna know how to do it…it is soooooo simple.  So I am going to show you how to make a cheap and easy, no sew, pet bed.

  1. Grab yourself 2 contrasting coloured fleece blankets, I got mine for about $4 each.
  2. Lay them on top of each other on the lounge room floor, making sure you haven’t attracted the attention of pets, because they WILL try it out by sitting right in the MIDDLE of your material.
  3. Cut an appropriate sized circle…mine was about a metre across (3 feet) I just sketched mine with a black marker.
  4. Now cut fringes all around the fleece circle.  Make sure they are about 4 cm (about 2 inches) wide and  I cut about 10cm (4 inch) in towards the edge.  Be sure to keep both pieces of material together, they pretty much stick together anyway, so I didn’t even pin them together.
  5. Now tie almost all of the fringes together, leave about ten untied.
  6. Find an old cheap pillow laying around and cut it open and stuff that stuff into the pet bed.
  7. Tie up the remaining fringes.
  8. I also added an extra bit of material on the top to act as a little blanket, cause it has been cold and I feel bad about them being cold.  So,  I cut a semi-circle from the left overs and gave it a fringe and tied that on too…I just have to lift up the little flap and Maat The Cat jumps on in.

Da daa, easy peasey!  Seriously it is so very easy to make.  This is something you could make with a very young child as well (supervision is essential, scissors: Ouchy mama).

I have also, previously, made a scarf with this tieing technique…so I suppose you could also make a reversible scarf with the two different colours tied together.

Anyway give it a shot and let us know how you did.

Pretty Vintage.

Love the old postcards, such a pity we don’t send these kind of things anymore.

I am so torn between old stuff and new stuff.  I don’t think I could decide on my dream house, I would need two dream houses…one very modern and minimalistic, and one full of old vintage shabby chic stuff.  Right now I have managed to achieve the “cluttered  and disorganized chaos” theme for my house…

Instuctions for Cluttered and Disorganized Chaos Theme for your own house:

  1. Get Married
  2. Have kids

It’s that easy folks…your welcome!

Have a great Monday!



Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

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Tiny houses…easy to clean, quick to tidy, no clutter (cause there is no room), sounds dreamy to me…but idealy, I would love to have a big old cottage type of house with a tiny little cottage arts and crafts studio out the back of my non-existent house, over looking my non-existent rolling hills and my friendly and happy non-existent livestock.  Not too much to ask is it?  I have heaps more detail, to this non-existent life, floating around in my little head, but I might not share too much lest I appear totally crazy.  I will leave you with the impression that I am just a little crazy 🙂

Have a great day.


Birds and Bottlebrush

Spot the bird…clue: a little bit of yellow and a whole lot of green.


Just a few quick iphone shots of the front garden. Lorikeets (birds) and bottlebrushes (tree). The lorikeets are having a ball with all the new blooms on this tree, and they are so noisy, but it’s a beautiful noise. And the cats are absolutely loving it too. They may or may not be very frustrated though 😦

Take it easy…R xx

Jack, Union Jack.


This rug…swoon!


A fridge????? ❤

Watch an episode of Sherlock in this little beauty.

British, with some Aussie pillows.


The curtains look beautiful.


Must take a long and mysterious journey if using these trunks.


Hmm, only for PJ’s, I don’t know why…


Must be wearing an outfit from the 40’s if you use this, including hat!


Reading classic English novels or watching another episode of Sherlock.


HHmmm, some comfy living…parked the boat in the canal just out the door.


I just love the Union Jack,  partly because it appears on our flag as well, and partly because of the strong colours.  I always go for the antique, well worn Union Jack decorator pieces.  And to have a rug with the Union Jack on it would be devine.  One could only hope.

This room is the whole package...hhmm one can dream.  I think this room is bigger than my house!

This room is the whole package…hhmm one can dream. I think this room is bigger than my house!

Have a great Monday all, stay healthy…Ruby xx


Street Art

Happy rain, street art.

Happy rain, street art.

Painted stairs

Painted stairs

Lady on a wall.

Lady on a wall.

One of my favourites.  Darwin.

One of my favourites. Darwin.

Most of us rarely get to see street art that isn’t crap some bored pre-teen did.  Above is just a few examples of some really impressive street art.  Maybe I just need to get out more, and I might see some of this stuff.  Congratulations to these street artists, they brighten up our days.  Not for everyone, but I just love it.

Have a great day. Ruby xx.

Party Animals.

Party Giraffes

Party Giraffes


By Jennifer E. Morris

By Jennifer E. Morris

Party Animal, Animal.

Party Animal, Animal.

By Lukaluka.  Party on Sloth!

By Lukaluka. Party on Sloth!

John Hegquist, Party animal...just love this!

John Hegquist, Party animal…just love this!

Morning by Nik Olay.  Fantastic.

Morning by Nik Olay. Fantastic.


Some really great examples of Party Animals.  There are so many clever people in this world.  Have a look and don’t forget to Like, Comment or Share.

Have a great weekend you party animals.

Ruby “Party Party Party” Canoe.

xx Stay Safe xx

Robot Love

by Len Small

by Len Small

Unknown artist.

Unknown artist.

Artist unknown...but wow!

Artist unknown…but wow!

Haha made me giggle.  Even robots have a sense of humour.

Haha made me giggle. Even robots have a sense of humour.

Famous robots.  Again unknown artist.

Famous robots. Again unknown artist.

Robot. by ~Ethan-Rucker (on deviant art)

Robot. by ~Ethan-Rucker (on deviant art)

The Iron Giant <3

The Iron Giant ❤

Westworld...by Edwrd984 Deviant Art.  Fantastic! <3

Westworld…by Edwrd984 Deviant Art. Fantastic! ❤

I haven’t done any art for about a week now due to a fantastic dose of the flu…could be worse though.  So I have been very slack with posting on the blog this week.  But I should be back on Monday.  Or I will be back on Monday, with some original art…hopefully.  See you on Monday folks.

Ruby “Red Robot” Canoe.



  • Chicken noodle soup…More specifically…Continental Chicken Noodle Soup.  Follow directions, when soup is almost ready, put some white bread in the toaster, toast, when toast pops, wack some butter on it, cut it into soldiers and put on a small plate.  Put soup in bowl, get soup spoon (no other spoon is acceptable), go to lounge room and sit on the floor…dunk yummy warm buttery toast into the soup and eat after every few spoons of soup, do this while watching a movie.  (Princess Bride is my recommendation).  Ensuring that you have one bite of toast still at the very end of the soup.  Lay on lounge, you will have already prepared your bed lounge with an over abundance of pillows and a snuggly blanket (blanket will be continuously in use…on too hot, off too cold, feet sticking out;  just right), tissues, don’t forget your tissues.  (My hubby went to Woolworths on Saturday {day one of my cold} to buy the luxury tissues, cause he is awesome, and apparently I looked like death).

    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.

    This is not packet soup, it just looks yummy.

  • Cuddle from a loved one.


  • Nice warm bath (or if you are me, really really hot shower).
  • Orange juice.  Liquids in general, probably doesn’t include scotch, but…no buts, Drs advise no alcohol:(
  • Gargle with Listerine, or salty water.
  • Hot lemon and honey drink (eek I hate this one…my Dad always suggested this one when I was little, when I was about 35ish I tried it out of desperation, it was disgusting, but it worked) .
  • I have read that you should wash your hands after you blow your nose, um I don’t really think that is practical if you are blowing your nose 4892 times a day.  Ain’t nobodys got time for that.  But wash your hands as much as is practical.
  • But you should use tissues over handkerchiefs (does anyone still use hankies anyway?)
  • Don’t go to work and give everyone else your germies…stay at home at spread it to the ones you love.  You have sick days for a reason, you are sick, stay at home.  REST.
  • Watch Game of Thrones.  All of it, that should get you through till the end 🙂

So, back to bed now.  Stay healthy people. (Just so you know…I am NOT a Doctor, these are not directions, if you are sick go to an actual Doctor and don’t get your advice from the internet 🙂


PS.  A big cyber hug to my very good friend Alona who lost her very good friend, her big furry baby, Caesar.  Just hate seeing my friends in so much pain, he wasn’t just a dog♥.  Thinking of you my friend xxxx.

Bearded Elvis.


Bearded Elvis…

Charro! is a 1969 Western movie starring, wait for it…Elvis Presley, surprised weren’t you?!  Ok, so no songs featured in this one, you just get the title song, but it’s a good one.  A great 60’s/early 70’s cowboy ballad…I may or may not be biased in this opinion…And it’s the only movie featuring a beautiful bearded E.  I saw this one a few times as a midday movie in the eighties.  Um I should have probably been at school during the airing of this movie, but being as I checked out the TV week in advance, I knew when I should be sick in order to catch Elvis with a beard.  I also recall crying during the branding scene…no don’t hurt Elvis! 

As an actor he worked with the scripts that he was given…you can’t make Ben Hur out of Dude, Where’s My Car?, if you get my meaning.   I think Charro and Flaming Star were my favourite for acting performances, so check them out, and see what you think.



Without kids, With kids…

Great graphic from Nickmom.com

Great graphic from Nickmom.com

Anyone that does not have children…this graphic will make you laugh.  But please believe me when I say real life is much much much worse.  To “complete” this housework, you will need at least 24 hours.  You may also be vacuuming at 2am in the morning cause the kids are awake anyway and there is no effing way they are going to sleep.  When you start cleaning and vacuuming the house, you are putting in lots of effort and try to make it fun…cut to 24 hours later…you have finished…look at you go girl, you are exhausted, hungry (cause everyone else has been fed, they don’t like the food you have made for them but they sure are interesting in your food, now you just have to share), your sleepy, but you are finished…awesome…just do not turn around.

One or two tips, tidy their rooms and throw out all broken toys when they are asleep or at kindy/daycare.  When you have to go out once or twice by yourself, buy a chocolate and eat all of it before you get home, dispose of wrapper in the bin before you go into the house.  Do not buy the kids anything cause you feel guilty, they will live through the experience.

For all that is good in this world…read to your kids…sing to your kids too, make them watch old black and white movies and musicals and operas and rock and roll, read poems, tell them about how wonderful the world is, full of many different awesome people, and be the parent you had or wish that you had.  Be the parent that leads by example.  Be the parent that educates themselves as well and their child.  Just be good.

and aveagoodweegend (and have a good week-end). xxx Ruby.