Fair Share of Chairs.

I wonder how the neighbours felt about this?  I just love it.  Art installation by Doris Salcedo. Doris Salcedo on the importance of memory. (Courtesy of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, You Tube channel) Hope you enjoyed your Chilly Monday. Ruby.


A House Made Of Love and Sugar.

162 panels of sugar sealed between two panes of window glass, and this is what you get.  AMAZING.  I can not begin to imagine the planning and time that went into this wonderful piece.  To achieve the different colours the sugar was cooked to different temperatures, with great effect. Title: Solarium, 2012 Artist William Lamson. … Continue reading A House Made Of Love and Sugar.

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DIY Pet Bed…Cheap and Easy.

The above picture is actually from a McCalls pattern.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had a good look at it, sorted it out in my cluttered brain and then proceeded to make one pet bed complete with a top blanket...and I did it in about 15 mins for about $8. I just know… Continue reading DIY Pet Bed…Cheap and Easy.

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Pretty Vintage.

Love the old postcards, such a pity we don't send these kind of things anymore. I am so torn between old stuff and new stuff.  I don't think I could decide on my dream house, I would need two dream very modern and minimalistic, and one full of old vintage shabby chic stuff.  Right… Continue reading Pretty Vintage.

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Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

Tiny houses...easy to clean, quick to tidy, no clutter (cause there is no room), sounds dreamy to me...but idealy, I would love to have a big old cottage type of house with a tiny little cottage arts and crafts studio out the back of my non-existent house, over looking my non-existent rolling hills and my… Continue reading Sweet Cottage Cuteness.

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Birds and Bottlebrush

Just a few quick iphone shots of the front garden. Lorikeets (birds) and bottlebrushes (tree). The lorikeets are having a ball with all the new blooms on this tree, and they are so noisy, but it's a beautiful noise. And the cats are absolutely loving it too. They may or may not be very frustrated… Continue reading Birds and Bottlebrush

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Jack, Union Jack.

  I just love the Union Jack,  partly because it appears on our flag as well, and partly because of the strong colours.  I always go for the antique, well worn Union Jack decorator pieces.  And to have a rug with the Union Jack on it would be devine.  One could only hope. Have a… Continue reading Jack, Union Jack.

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Street Art

Most of us rarely get to see street art that isn't crap some bored pre-teen did.  Above is just a few examples of some really impressive street art.  Maybe I just need to get out more, and I might see some of this stuff.  Congratulations to these street artists, they brighten up our days.  Not… Continue reading Street Art

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Party Animals.

  Some really great examples of Party Animals.  There are so many clever people in this world.  Have a look and don't forget to Like, Comment or Share. Have a great weekend you party animals. Ruby "Party Party Party" Canoe. xx Stay Safe xx

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Robot Love

I haven't done any art for about a week now due to a fantastic dose of the flu...could be worse though.  So I have been very slack with posting on the blog this week.  But I should be back on Monday.  Or I will be back on Monday, with some original art...hopefully.  See you on… Continue reading Robot Love

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COLD CURES Chicken noodle soup...More specifically...Continental Chicken Noodle Soup.  Follow directions, when soup is almost ready, put some white bread in the toaster, toast, when toast pops, wack some butter on it, cut it into soldiers and put on a small plate.  Put soup in bowl, get soup spoon (no other spoon is acceptable), go… Continue reading MY TOP 10 COLD CURES…

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Bearded Elvis.

Charro! Bearded Elvis... Charro! is a 1969 Western movie starring, wait for it...Elvis Presley, surprised weren't you?!  Ok, so no songs featured in this one, you just get the title song, but it's a good one.  A great 60's/early 70's cowboy ballad...I may or may not be biased in this opinion...And it's the only movie… Continue reading Bearded Elvis.

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Without kids, With kids…

Anyone that does not have children...this graphic will make you laugh.  But please believe me when I say real life is much much much worse.  To "complete" this housework, you will need at least 24 hours.  You may also be vacuuming at 2am in the morning cause the kids are awake anyway and there is… Continue reading Without kids, With kids…