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ELVIS MONTH Day 19 Harum Scarum (1965)

Year:  1965

Age:  30

Movie:  18th

Really was not looking forward to what I can safely say is the bottom of the barrel.  Starts off with Elvis playing an actor/singer at the premier of his movie, Sands Of The Desert.  Even that movie looks unappealing.  He sings Desert Serenade, sounds a bit too fast and not really a good song.  At the premier he is asked to sing a song just for the guests, one of whom looks very much like Eva Mendes.  Go East Youngman, it’s okay.

The King invites The King (E) to his Kingdom…but there’s bad guys lurking in the bushes, it’s pretty funny.  And then Johnny (E) is poisoned and he is transported to another place, cue the harp (OMG!).  Johnny Tyrone has been kidnapped by……….The Assassins!

Seriously…did she just kiss him out of unconsciousness? and he instantly starts singing??  SERIOUSLY!!  Then almost falls into unconsciousness again…what!  Then he gets dragged off to see…ba ba baaa…The Lord Of The Assassins.  The Lord would like Johnny to kill off people he doesn’t like…what is he going to do? Sing the victims to death?  Oh lordy, however The Lord Of The Assassins needs Johnny’s karate skills, because no one else in the kingdom know any martial arts.  Dig the funky threads Johnny.

Okay now Johnny and his new friend hide in a pond with reads to breathe through.  Then karate chops a guard and scares a peacock and climbs a wall.  Oh lordy the assassins are shooting at them OMG so funny.  He finally lands in the arms of a beautiful woman…”Who are you?” she asks.  He says “I’m Johnny Jerome” um no you’re not…your Johnny Tyrone.  Cue the weird horse riding scene, complete with the same white horse that was in the fake movie at the beginning.

Market place scene:  Apparently everyone has a whistle in their pocket just in case a pick pocket gets their money bag.  Oh so bad, chase in the market place, ah two kids with sling shots to the rescue.  Hey Little Girl as a stand alone song is nice, but add in a dance number by a little girl and it’s just weird.  I feel this movie is about an hour and a half too long…when will it end?  I don’t believe that I have every suffered through this one before…and it’s a struggle.  The all of a sudden it becomes so bad it’s good.  As an Elvis fan you just can not miss out on this one.  After reading the script to the movie, they had already signed up for, Tom Parker thought of adding a talking camel just to make sure that the audience knew it was a comedy.  I feel a talking camel would have certainly been a memorable addition, but even without it you will definitely laugh out loud.

Elvis sings as a reflection in a pond, to Mary Ann Mobley, who spends the whole song sucking in her tummy.  The dancing girls solo dance is making this movie go on longer than it should.  How does no one suspect the guy in the hooded black floor length coat, and is that meant to be Elvis screaming as he’s being dragged out???  Another laugh out loud moment is when Johnny stands infront of the King just before being captured.

Johnny escapes prison, drops into the Princesses room and they hatch a plan.  Johnny and his merry band are masters of diguise…a blanket will suffice.  And 50 000 coins can fit in to a really small bag…OMG the bells OMG it is so stupid.  Walking through the city making dog sounds attracts a hell of a lot of helpers to help destroy the assassins.  Not very stealthy.  Fight scene with circus music.

The King breaks in to his brothers room (AKA the bad guy) and messes up his chess game, dramatically, oh lordy.  Then, all is well, and back to the US!   THE END.


Co Stars Alive:   Mary Ann Mobley  YEP

                                      Fran Jeffries  YEP

                                      Michael  Ansara  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   Shake That Tambourine

Most Popular Song:   Um…—Your Pick Here—

Stay tuned for Day 20 of ELVIS MONTH

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