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Amazing photo.  This defines dedication.  Seriously, just look at this photo for a few seconds and try to understand what we are looking at.  What dedication this man has.





Now, I just researched this photo a little.  When asked if this was real Kawika Singson replied, the flames are real.  However the flames appeared, not due to the lava, but an accelerate. 

Still a great photo.  And it was taken because he wanted a cool (pun?) photo for his Facebook cover.  Why not, I say.  But a few people have made up their own description, which is fully understandable.  Look at the photo, and caption it without knowing the “truth”.  And who is to say that what I typed, about the real story, is the truth.  Ah the internet.  You confuse me.

Reminds me of the old saying “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” maybe it should be added to “and believe some of what you read on the internet”

Note:  Pop over to Pinterest and search for this pin and read the comments…humans are funny.


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