Some Stuff I’ve Discovered Since Becoming A Mum

I have found:  When people say “it sticks to stuff like shit to a blanket”, the people who say this are not kidding.  I have also found out that partial digested spaghetti bolegnese also sticks very well to a blanket…particularly at 2 am.
I have found: A child can vomit into my ear hole when I am asleep.

I have found:  I can wake up very quickly when a toddler tries to wake you up…with an empty coffee cup..by hitting you in the face with it.

I have found:  That a toddler can carry a 4 day old baby up the hallway, perfectly safely, because he thinks she needs me.

I have found:  That a girl needs her Mummy…meaning I need my Mummy!

I have found:  Being a parent is, indeed, the hardest job you will ever have…and I’ve worked for Aldi, so I know this to be true.  It is, however, despite what some people might say, not a thankless job.  Every time your child smiles it’s a silent thank you.  Every time your child cries and you fix a boo boo, it’s a silent (and sometimes very high pitch screech) thank you.

I have found:  That, sometimes you need to reintroduce the child to the other parent…ie did you know that guy/girl over there is called Dad/Mum.  Or just change your name to Dad/Mum.

I have found:  My car keys in a ride on toy car…after searching for an hour.

I have found:  I can’t do everything.

I have found:  That you can tell kids future personalities by the way they dance at the school disco in Kindergaten.  True!  Stand there and look…there is a serial killer, there is the “popular with boys one”  (a touch of diplomacy there), the musician, the :I’m going to be in trouble with the law” one, the quiet and awesome achiever, the rebels, the leaders, ect ect ect.

I have found:  I don’t enjoy when my child comes home from school with a picture she did, and tells me the teacher told her it was wrong!! Seriously!! Oh and it was wrong cause the sky was orange.  Sheesh. I suppose I will get over it one day, it was only 15 years ago.  A few months ago my daughter thanked me for that, she remembers 😀

I have found:  I shouldn’t forget that I am a person too.  I am a parent and a person with a life and a whole future ahead of me dammit!!  Take care of yourself fellow parents, enjoy being a Mum or a Dad or both, but your children also needs for you to be a well rounded person with interests other than them.

To be clear…These aren’t the only things I have found…just the things I can remember right now.  My eldest child is 22 my youngest is 19 and I still have baby brain, so you will have to forgive me.   Maybe I will post things as I go.  If I remember cause…baby brain.



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