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Creative people quite often become obsessed about what style they create or what famous artist their work resembles.  The easy answer to the “who am I like?” question is…wait for it…you may want to sit down…you are just like you! If you enjoy drawing stick figures, then draw stick figures.  If you enjoy doing photo realist paintings, then do it.

Sometimes we just need to let it go. I haven’t even seen Frozen and I’m singing the song.  Seriously let it go, create what you want.  And yes, at times it isn’t easy at all, maybe try and set yourself some creative goals.  I tend to go through stages, at the moment I am very much into drawing with a black sketch pen.  Different sizes and different brands, just whatever I have laying around.  I set myself a small goal of drawing 25 foxes.  I just grabbed some plain old paper out of the printer and spent 2 hours practicing.  It was very enjoyable and kept me off the streets for a few hours.

Try a few of these challenges using any materials you have available (have a bit of a look in the kid’s room, use some of their old school supplies) and try not to buy new things, just create…

  • 25 different birds
  • 25 different tools
  • 25 different vegetables
  • 25 of the same dog
  • 25 leaves
  • 25 clouds
  • 25 rockets
  • 25 different ants
  • 25 different fish
  • 25 different aliens with many different features
  • 25 of the same whatever!!

Head on over to Pinterest for some reference pictures or photos, and give it a bit of a go.


Satellite Gal was just made up.  I like space and boats and rain and lots of hair, so I just combined a heap of those elements and this is what happened.  Sketched it out with a pencil and just went back over everything with a pen and then erased the pencil makes.  Not perfect but nothing is I suppose!



Senor Iguana was copied from a photo I found on Pinterest and took me about 8 hours which I regretted at about the 2 hour mark.  But I was waiting for someone and I was in another country and was stuck in a hotel room with terrible things on the Telly.

Note: I can not find the original photographer in order to credit the person responsible for this beautiful picture.  If you are aware of the photographer please let me know so appropriate credit can be given.



This is the little house that I could see from the window of the Executive Cafe of the hotel we were staying at.  Princes St, Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand.


How cute!! This is one of the little foxes that I drew in my own little “Draw 25 Foxes” challenge.  The reference picture was from Pinterest.

That is just 4 examples of where you can get some reference material from.  Made up, from a photo, real life, and challenge with references.  No more  “What can I draw?”  “I don’t know what to draw!” In the words of my Mum…It’s not going to draw itself! (Except  she didn’t really say  “draw” more like “ those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves you know !”)

Well…off ya go now, GOOD LUCK.   😀


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