Para-van Caravan.

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A sneak peak at my Retro Caravan Collection.

Please Note: This is a photograph that I took and I’m not a photographer.  All works are professionally printed. Prints will be available for purchase within 2 weeks (maybe sooner!) and will not have the black faming.  So check back here for the opening date of the Etsy store and a big thanks for visiting!

xxxx Ruby

She’s Growing On Me…


I called this my coffee picture.  I went to make coffee one evening, late, (Yes, I know coffee in the middle of the night…but I love my coffee, and I usually don’t have any coffee at night…usually) and saw my paints there and I really badly needed to paint and so I did and here it is…the coffee picture and I think I have had too much coffee today.

Short and sweet.

❤ Ruby xxxx

The first 15 mins…

The Art of Hosting The Academy Awards…

So I am just watching a replay of the Oscars with Seth…So far I am quite impressed, look Captain Kirk! I love Seth’s voice, I love that song “We saw your boobs” so good.  Channing and Charlize dancing! and soft shoe.  Jeez I love it love it love it.  Sally and a trans am.  They’re all great sports. If you didn’t catch the awards try and watch the first 15 mins at least, it is well worth it.

It has been a very long time since I have watched the Oscars.  Probably since Billy was hosting regularly.  I loved the entertainment and he was so natural and funny (goes without saying really).  I really hope that Seth’s hosting doesn’t dissipate through the telecast.

And the award for the best feel good acceptance during an award show goes to…

I used to be a huge movie buff, that was until I became a mother and was too busy to sit through an entire movie uninterrupted, you know how it is, and if you don’t know how it is, well, you are probably a Dad (yes I know not all Dad’s are able to sit through an entire movie, but let’s face it, most are able to sit through a movie or three).  I especially loved old black and white movies, probably because we only had about 3 tv channels to choose from so we watched what ever was on at the time. And because of the whole 3 channels thing I fell in love with sci-fi (original Star Trek re-runs and after that any sci fi movie I could get my hands on)  However, I much prefer the original cuts of the sci-fi movies, settle down on the bloody CGI, for heaven sake, just walk away, it’s done.

Going On A Ghost Hunt Tonight…


So tonight we are off to the South Brisbane Cemetery Tour.  My sister and I and 6 of my sisters friends are attending with some poor unfortunate randoms.  Those poor people don’t know what they are in for.  To say that my sister and I have a reputation for being loud is an understatement, and then throw in 6 other loud funny women who have probably enjoy one or two glasses of wine with dinner before attending the tour, it’s gonna be a doozy.

If we do bump into a ghost we will be sure to rip off his numerous masks and reveal who he really is…the cranky old man from up the road….unfortunately we aren’t meddling teenagers anymore, but I expect we will all be acting like some.

Have an awesome Friday everyone, and I will see some of you at the tour tonight…can’t wait.

♥Ruby “Spooky” Canoe♥

The Little Shop On The Corner.

Whatever happened to the corner shop, oh hang on, that’s right…it turned into Woolworths 😦 I remember a shop (not on a corner though) across the road from my primary school.  It was quite small.  Little wooden steps lead to a big solid wooden door, wooden uneven floors.  Boy did they have a great selection of lollies.  You could stand there and choose the lollies you wanted and the shop keeper would get the tongs out and put the chosen few into a little white paper bag.  Most of the lollies were half a cent each but the good ones were 2 cents each.

Being situated across the road from a primary school, that had over one thousand students, I bet they did a great trade before and after school.  I just miss these shops.  Sometimes you can stumble upon these little treasures on a drive well away from the cities.  So I guess I should go for a little drive in the future and have a nice cuppa out the front of a nice little store that has wooden floors.  And a lolly or two.



♥Sweet Ruby xxx



Wobbly Houses

This is Wobbly House Lane.


The first house has many many rooms to house the large Fitzherbert family.  Mr and Mrs Fitzherbert, Goldie Fitzherbert (10 year old girl), Noodles Fitzherbert (8 year old boy) The Twins; Bill and Ben Fitzherbert (not flowerpot men) (Ben is short for Benweena…a girl! both are 4 years old), and Princess Jumblebeans Isabel Fitzherbert (10 month old girl).  The Fitzherbert family also have 2 goldfish and a rather tormented old dog, Sir Fartsalot, who happens to nap next door at the house with the round windows.

The house with the round windows is currently occupied by a lovely old couple by the name of Mr Price Smith-Howard and Mrs Percy Smith-Howard; they let Sir Fartsalot sleep in the front of the house, near a window, an open window, next to the fan.  It’s just a little house but Mr and Mrs Smith-Howard have installed a secret (don’t tell anyone!) slippery slide from the top floor to the kitchen.  Mr Price Smith-Howard very much enjoys being called for breakfast every morning.

The tall house with the tall windows, well that house has very tall people residing in it.  They have long long legs, and long long arms, and long long necks.  They are a very funny family, and tell wonderful enthralling stories.  They like the colour blue and always wear shorts, even on rainy cold days.  Mr Mac and Mrs Mac and the little Mac called Anne live happily in the tall house with the tall windows.

The house with the two pointy bits on top, with the two little windows up there, well those two little windows bought light into one bigish room.  And in that room lived little Nicholas Pickles.  He has red hair and blue eyes and has a pet mouse as his constant companion.  His Mum and Dad live on the next floor down, they are called Mr Neil Pickles and Mrs Olive Pickles.  When they get mail sometimes it is addressed to NO Pickles.  Because some people don’t like Pickles.

The last house on Wobbly House Lane is the short house.  Old Mrs Savoury-Biscuit lives there.  She lives in the house with her horse, Fred.  Fred is like a seeing eye horse.  Which is a sight to see.  When she takes Fred to the shops to do the groceries all the kids stare and want to pat Fred, but Fred is busy.  Sometimes Fred poops in the middle of the supermarket aisle.  So if ever you are in the supermarket and there is fresh horse poop in the middle of the aisle, you may just catch a glimpse of Old Mrs Savoury-Biscuit and her horse and bestest friend Fred.

They all love their wobbly houses and their wobbly neighbours.

Ruby ‘Wobbly’ Canoe


The Art of The Pin Up.


Who doesn’t love a pin up?  They’ve been around for more than a century, in some form or another.  Originally starting as a type of business card for performers, actresses, models etc.  And clearly, with the name pin up, the pictures were intended to be pinned to a wall.  And holy hell what a wall you can make.

The pin ups that I do remember I actually only saw in old movies (and I saw a lot of old movies).  Boy oh boy the pin ups that I didn’t see are just amazing.  The wonderful works of Al Moore, Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgrens are what symbolizes a pin up for me.


Alberto Vargas…those eye.  Such a wonderful piece of art.

4586401703Alberto Vargas


Al Moore


Gil Elvgren


Gil Elvgren,


I really don’t think pin ups are ever going to lose their appeal.  Fanny’s Cupcakes (fanny means something completely different in Australia) have designed this wonderful and sexy pin up to brand their product.   Really well done Fanny!

Other more successful companies have also used the pin up in advertisements…



And now we have moved onto the funky rockabilly pin ups that have made their way to cyberspace, and thank God for that cause they are just fantastic…here is a small selection:


Oh my God, click up there ^ have a look at the awesome photos of pin ups and hot rods and all the other photos, just candy for your eyes!  Do it!


Check out Scarlett Peacock as well, since your in a clicky mood…great shots!


Fun quirky stuff, you’ll love it.  He seems to have a great sense of humour.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a source for this picture, 😦

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it.  Hit like, add a comment (all comments will be replied to) or follow along, and have a great week.  Hope to see you back here soon.

♥Rockin Ruby♥

Alternative Movie Posters


Amelie, such a wonderful movie, beautifully filmed, fantastic acting, fantastic everything.  If you haven’t watched this movie because of the subtitles, please do not deprive yourself of this movie.  My fav scene is walking the blind man across the road, keep an eye out for it.  This movie really just touches my heart.


I went to the drive-in to see this movie with my family when it first came out, I was about seven.  I still love it.  I’ve made my kids watch it and, admittedly they didn’t love it as much as I did, but they did appreciate it.  I’ll always remember the scene where the “Snowman” ran over all the bad guys motorbikes.  What a great ride this movie was.


Too bad it is over.  Great story. Great set of movies.  My kids grew up with these guys.  And life goes on!


First one was the best.  Great concept, and I love how references still pop up in new movies and TV shows.


Inconceivable, can now only be said in my house with a slight lisp.  This definitely is a timeless classic.  Just love the sword here, very well done.  If you like please hit the like button or follow along.

These posters are awesome, humans are so very clever.  I don’t know who is responsible for these, if you do just let me know so I can credit them.

Have a great weekend.


Modern Art and a Chocolate Shop.


The World Turns byMichael Parekowhai:  Love this elephant. The artist’s proposal comprised of three separate life-sized sculptures cast in bronze: a massive elephant tipped on its head, a kuril  (below) the local native water rat (I did not know that) which looks the elephant directly in the eye and the third a chair …um I didn’t see a chair? But I wasn’t looking for one either, so I’d say it is actually there.  Approx 5.5 tonnes.  Oh and I bumped into the head curator’s parents and had a lovely chat.



Piece by Tiffany Chung. This white “table” consists of, what seems like, thousands of little glass animals.  When you walk into the room from the other darkened rooms, it is such a great feeling.  The light that is reflecting off the glass fills the room.  Just spectacular.25-DSC_0057


Close up (well as close as I could get with my camera) of the giraffes.


More elephants, many many elephants and more.


The Toy Room (That’s what I am calling it anyway) Just kicking myself.  I didn’t take a photo of the information on the (very patient) artist who completed this work.  This is quite a small room but it is completely full of these pvc piping and toys (trucks and cranes etc).  (The next 4 photo’s are from the same room).34-DSC_0066

In the next 2 photo’s you can see the pipes and the cranes and a very detailed art piece on the wall.  The second photo shows an enlarge portion of the first.


I love this wonderful room.


The table below looks as if there is little boxes drawn on it, but this is actually a very detailed floor plan.  It has many many rooms, with the doors added in; it has bathrooms, toilets, sinks, bedrooms, everything.  I would love to have a kitchen table with this on it.  It is just wonderful to see.



The Vertical Village: A piece by Nguyen Manh Hung.  Here he captured the humorous reality of people moving into huge high rises -what he calls “vertical village” – but living as if they are still in a rural environment.  (Not my words, taken from the information plaque).

This piece is very well presented in its own cave-like nook, surrounded by cloud.



Love the detail, the little wonky turquoise window shutters at the top and the white ladder leaning on the structure, and even the air conditioning units.  So much to see, a bit like a where’s wally? (or waldo) page, the more you look at it or into it, the more you can find.



Papua New Guinean carvings. (2 Pic)  So much detail and the vibrancy can not be properly appreciated without standing there yourself.  Such happy totem poles with their smiley faces…I am not sure that the happy faces are meant as a welcome (in the old days anyway…I am guessing it used to mean “hello, we are happy to have you for dinner”) …no disrespect intended        🙂 <— smiley face.

50-DSC_0082 52-DSC_0084

Male and Female Spires:  I just thought I might include the information plaque that describes the last picture.  Mainly because of the kids sections.  I like how they have thought about the kids and explained it, only slightly, differently.  It’s a nice idea and surely must be appreciated by parents that love to teach their kids about art and other cultures.



Oh and the chocolate shop part of the title…well my son met me when I finished at the gallery and we went to get sushi for lunch, which wasn’t too bad; then we went for a walk to Southbank (former sight of Expo 88).  Specifically because I wanted to have a bit of a look at the Max Brenner Chocolate Shop, and strangely enough my son didn’t complain about it either.  We walked in and the smell was amazzzzingggg!  Oh so yummy!  We had just had lunch so I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate just wanted to window shop from the inside.  But we were offered a taste test and it was very nice indeed, hhmmm yummm.  They had great chocolate accessories as well, my favourite is definitely the kangaroo cup…

The chocolate melts and goes into your coffee and see the spoon, one end to mix and the other to lick!

So in closing…if you’re in Brisbane (Brisvegas, Brissy) drop into one of the Art Gallery’s then go and get yourself a hot chocolate from Max Brenner and please don’t tell me how good it is, because I have never had a Max Brenner hot chocolate. 😦   <—sad face…

Well that was some of my Friday…it’s almost the weekend people…enjoy!

Ruby Canoe xxx



There is nothing I find sexier than…

a big stack of old books.  Sometimes I look at pics of a room full of old dusty, smelly (to some) books and think…that’s what the inside of my head looks like.  My mind has an old roll top desk in the left hand corner with an old chair, that has rusty wheels, pushed up against it.  The chair is there merely to hold more books.  The desk is stacked high with thick volumes on subjects I don’t even care for, but I dearly want to read just because the outside looks awesome.  I am afraid I do judge a book by its cover (however, I do not judge people that way). On the other side of the room is an antique dress makers form (which I do own) and lots more books.  A cup of coffee that I forgot to drink because I got sidetracked, again.  A record player (my daughter, a toddler at the time, described it as; that thing that plays those giant black CD”s) and a wonderful display of my Elvis records, because, why would I need to listen to anything else really. In the back corner is a giant display of my Faber-Castell pencils, all of them, and old paint brushes and sketching pencils and paints and, well that kinda sums up my mind.  It sounds like I have put too much time in thinking about it, but I haven’t, that is just how it looks.

This week, I am hoping to take a drive into Brissy (Brisbane) to check out the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) and have a coffee at the State Library.  Can’t wait. If I have time I’m going to indulge in a little sketching.

Sculpture byMichael Parekowhai

Sculpture by
Michael Parekowhai

From the Asian Collection

From the Asian Collection

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

If only the state library looked like any of these…but it’s still okay.

Go to:  for the original source of this picture.

Go to: for the original source of this picture. The entrance of the Duluth Public Library, Minnesota

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to: Kansas City Library

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to:    Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico

For the original source go to:

For the original source go to:   Library of the Dutch Parliament, The Hague, conserving all ever said and written words in the parliament.

And a cat reading a book, just because.

So please check back during the week to see some shots from the Art Galleries and the State Library in Brisbane, Queensland, OZ.

Catch ya later.


Illustration Inspiration

My Facebook timeline banner.  The owl sits on the profile picture.

My Facebook timeline banner. The owl sits on the profile picture.

So this is my Facebook banner (the first one anyway).  I love that owl so much, the poor little guy needs a name though, I will have to think about that.  I am a huge fan of the poem The Owl and The Pussycat, so I may have to look to the poem for inspirations for his name.

I was going to make this my header for the blog but the resolution is all wonky because it is set up for facebook and due to a minor computer hiccup (really major but my sister has recovered and all is A OK) all of my illustrations are still in the process of being photographed by Bubba Beanz Photography so it will be at least a week before I can update the header with my own banner.  If you click on the link you can see some of her amazing work.  Now she is an artist. Go to:

Just a quick observation, nothing that is involved with setting up a business online, is quick or easy.  But I have learnt a great deal over the last few weeks.  And now it doesn’t take me 2 hours to do a post on the blog (thank God).

If you are in a bit of a clicky mood go to my art tutorial board on Pinterest and have a squiz (is that word Australian slang or do other people know what that means…Squiz=Look) some very basic stuff and some not so basic stuff.

I really believe that anyone, not matter what age can draw.  I bet there are so many people in retirement homes and nursing homes that have wanted to draw all their lives and have given up…food for thought people…

Well it is 1.08am here is Queensland so I guess it is off to bed…Night night, sleep tight.




Crazy Cats and A Beer Bus.

I sprayed the bathroom this morning with very diluted bleach, and then the cat attacks start.   Maaty (named, by my 10 year old son, after the Egyptian Cat God) attacks Tig (named by my 7 year old daughter after the other 4 billion cats called tiger), then Maat attacks the bath mat, which I am standing on, which leads to Maat attacking me.  I am then rescued by my son…bloody cat.  Then I walk into the lounge room to see Maaty attacking my Flip Flops (in Australia we call them thongs but I really didn’t want that thought burnt into your brains) (you’re welcome). So took a few shots of our baby.  She fell asleep a little after this,  because cats can only go bird shit crazy for a few minutes at a time.

Maaty Cat

Maaty Cat

After a tiny bit of housework this morning I went for a little drive to Rosewood.  Beautiful drive.  Everything is so green due to the cyclone, tornadoes, floods and extreme hot weather (just a normal January I suppose).  I went out to visit Alona from Blooming Mad About Flowers who had a stall set up in town, with a great display of flowers all ready for Valentines Day.   And an added bonus, the flowers are artificial (top quality) so they last forever and always look great.

Blooming Mad About Flowers

Blooming Mad About Flowers

So while I was out there fully armed with my camera, I got a shot of the XXXX Beer Bus which is great illustration inspiration for me.  Nothing I like more than old buses and caravans ❤

Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland

Fourex (XXXX) Beer Bus Rosewood, Queensland

One of the Rosewood Pubs

One of the Rosewood Pubs

Unfortunately I took this from the otherside of the tracks, so to speak…

So that is Saturday so far, now I have to go and supervise the making of dinner with my usual helpers (red wine…only one glass, and Elvis) and then consume my dinner and maybe watch a movie or two.  Have a great night.

❤ Ruby Canoe.

Welcome to Tues…Only a few more days till the weekend…You can do it!


My take on an illustration that I have seen recently on Pinterest. (The original is by Felicia Atanasiu, who does such wonderful work!)
Cowardly Lion: Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage! What makes the flag on the mast to wave? Courage! What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist, or the dusky dusk? What makes the muskrat guard his musk? Courage! What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder? Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage! What makes the Hottentot so hot? What puts the “ape” in apricot? What have they got that I ain’t got?
Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman: Courage!
Cowardly Lion: You can say that again! Huh?

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Ruby Shoes Canoe xxx

Two Painted Ladies.

Painted LadyAcrylic on canvas paper.

Painted Lady
Acrylic on canvas paper.

I did this one when I first started experimenting with painting.  I found that the best way to explore new techniques was to head on over to youtube (of course).  As you know it has everything you never knew you wanted to know and more.  I found a subject I was interested in, which was abstract at the time, and watched a  heap of tutorials.  A  channel I would recommend, is (on youtube), he does a lot of abstract painting and he has many tutorials and demonstrations, (you’ll love/hate his voice)but it is quite entertaining (I love raeart, he’s hilarious).  I learnt so much, and it was so exciting to see the development and the results after an afternoons work.  It’s really not rocket science, it’s art and anyone can do it.

The first thing I would suggest is to purchase some cheap paints (student acrylics are great to start). Then go to the art shop and only the art shop…and purchase 3 or 5 taklon brushes (good quality brushes make a very big difference) and then pop into the supermarket on the way home and just get a ream of A4 paper…and awayyyyyy you gooooo. (That says go not goo).

Plonk yourself infront of youtube and search. I found a great little youtube channel for beginners to try.  It is called Mont Marte TV  and if you can get past the host, Mont Marte Joe, you will learn a heap of great techniques.  By the way I find Mont Marte Joe quite entertaining and I do a very good imitation of him while I am painting.

I started by searching poppies,(that’s how I found Mont Marte)  then tutorials on how to paint poppies with acrylic paints.  You can search for anything and you will end up no where near where you wanted to be, but take it in.  Look at things you wouldn’t usually look at.  Watch tutorials on things you would not usually look at.  You will be amazed at the results.  Because you have so much paper it won’t matter to anyone if you have 17 pages with just coloured lines on it, or 17 with something really impressive on it.  GO FOR IT!

Ruby Ruby Ruby (Said in Cary Grant’s voice)

Curly HairedAcrylic on paper

Curly Haired
Acrylic on paper


Fun With Animation App

So I was a little bored late last night and decided to have a little play with the Ipad, specifically the apps: Animation HD and Moquu (to create the GIF).  It has such potential that I really must put a day aside to create a decent cartoon to animate.  I seem to remember defacing the school library books (only one or two) with little animations drawn on the corner of each page.  You know just the standard stick figure doing cartwheels across the page.  And I know I wasn’t the only one, so I suppose this is the updated version.

If you have an Ipad and already have these apps or get them, give it a try and let me know how it turns out, I would love to add your GIF’s to this page.

Ruby Canoe

Art In The Garden

Poppies, Fungi and Wattles.

Poppies Illustration.  Coloured Pencils on Canvas Paper

Poppies Illustration. Coloured Pencils on Canvas Paper

Acrylic on Canvas Paper 2012

Acrylic on Canvas Paper 2012

Poppy Spree:- I went on a poppy painting and sketching spree last year.  And I had a great time with it too.  By the end of the spree I was just using coloured pencils which I absolutely love at the moment.

The top picture was on canvas paper and I had no intention of doing any pencil sketches on canvas but I was very happy with the result.  I like something a little different.  When I first started the spree I looked to the internet for inspiration.  Google images and Pinterest mainly.  And as Julia Roberts so wisely said in Pretty Woman…”Big mistake…big…huge” why? because I got stuck on Pinterest and I just couldn’t stop.  Had many many hours of a Pinfest.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it so much, but I didn’t get any work done.  I think anyone who has ever said “oh, I will just pop over to Pinterest for a few minutes” will know exactly what I mean, right? Or am I the only one that has done that? But I did eventually escape and did some work, I think I ended up with about 20 or 30 different poppy pictures.  Some better than others.

The bottom one is acrylic on canvas paper.  I was just playing around with different techniques and different sized paint brushes.  So really I was just mucking around with these, but I enjoyed it and that’s what art is all about, for me anyway.

I am sure when my sister sees these photos see will be appalled at the quality of the photography (she’s a photographer) but I don’t have one clue as to settings etc. So it is more a case of point and click for me really.  So apologies to all of you who know what you are doing with a camera.  Next week I am off to see my sister and to pick her brain, so maybe, just maybe the photography will improve.

Just thought I would throw in a few shots from around the garden as well…


Fungi (Click to enlarge) (Seriously click, they look really big)


New growth

New growth (Click to enlarge) (Seriously click, they look really big)

Ants in a wattle

Ants in a wattle (Click to enlarge) (Seriously click, they look really big)

Wattle seed pods, they always look like they are singing to me. Such happy seed pods.

Wattle seed pods, they always look like they are singing to me. Such happy seed pods. (Click to enlarge) (Seriously click, they look really big)

Testing paint mixes for the poppies.  It's a mess but I think I'll keep it, I just like the different colours.

Testing paint mixes for the poppies. It’s a mess but I think I’ll keep it, I just like the different colours.

Not really in love with this but it's okay.

Not really in love with this but it’s okay.

That’s it for a realllly long post.  Time to make dinner and have a nice glass of red.  Hope you are having a glass of red too, that is if it is the afternoon or night at your place, cause if it is in the morning you probably shouldn’t…well maybe if it is after 10am.  Catch ya later.

Ruby Canoe.