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Para-van Caravan.

A sneak peak at my Retro Caravan Collection. Please Note: This is a photograph that I took and I'm not a photographer.  All works are professionally printed. Prints will be available for purchase within 2 weeks (maybe sooner!) and will not have the black faming.  So check back here for the opening date of the… Continue reading Para-van Caravan.


She’s Growing On Me…

I called this my coffee picture.  I went to make coffee one evening, late, (Yes, I know coffee in the middle of the night...but I love my coffee, and I usually don't have any coffee at night...usually) and saw my paints there and I really badly needed to paint and so I did and here… Continue reading She’s Growing On Me…


The first 15 mins…

The Art of Hosting The Academy Awards... So I am just watching a replay of the Oscars with Seth...So far I am quite impressed, look Captain Kirk! I love Seth's voice, I love that song "We saw your boobs" so good.  Channing and Charlize dancing! and soft shoe.  Jeez I love it love it love… Continue reading The first 15 mins…

Road Trip

Going On A Ghost Hunt Tonight…

So tonight we are off to the South Brisbane Cemetery Tour.  My sister and I and 6 of my sisters friends are attending with some poor unfortunate randoms.  Those poor people don't know what they are in for.  To say that my sister and I have a reputation for being loud is an understatement, and… Continue reading Going On A Ghost Hunt Tonight…


The Little Shop On The Corner.

Whatever happened to the corner shop, oh hang on, that's turned into Woolworths 😦 I remember a shop (not on a corner though) across the road from my primary school.  It was quite small.  Little wooden steps lead to a big solid wooden door, wooden uneven floors.  Boy did they have a great selection… Continue reading The Little Shop On The Corner.

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Wobbly Houses

This is Wobbly House Lane. The first house has many many rooms to house the large Fitzherbert family.  Mr and Mrs Fitzherbert, Goldie Fitzherbert (10 year old girl), Noodles Fitzherbert (8 year old boy) The Twins; Bill and Ben Fitzherbert (not flowerpot men) (Ben is short for Benweena...a girl! both are 4 years old), and… Continue reading Wobbly Houses

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The Art of The Pin Up.

Who doesn't love a pin up?  They've been around for more than a century, in some form or another.  Originally starting as a type of business card for performers, actresses, models etc.  And clearly, with the name pin up, the pictures were intended to be pinned to a wall.  And holy hell what a wall… Continue reading The Art of The Pin Up.


Alternative Movie Posters

Amelie, such a wonderful movie, beautifully filmed, fantastic acting, fantastic everything.  If you haven't watched this movie because of the subtitles, please do not deprive yourself of this movie.  My fav scene is walking the blind man across the road, keep an eye out for it.  This movie really just touches my heart. I went… Continue reading Alternative Movie Posters


Modern Art and a Chocolate Shop.

The World Turns byMichael Parekowhai:  Love this elephant. The artist’s proposal comprised of three separate life-sized sculptures cast in bronze: a massive elephant tipped on its head, a kuril  (below) the local native water rat (I did not know that) which looks the elephant directly in the eye and the third a chair I… Continue reading Modern Art and a Chocolate Shop.


Ruby Canoe’s Ruby Canoe

Well here it is, the new banner! Yay, I really enjoyed this one, but I think I am going to have today off.  I have the lounge in my sights and a hot coffee and a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon (my sister just rolled her eyes). Have a great Wednesday. ❤ Ruby

Road Trip

There is nothing I find sexier than…

a big stack of old books.  Sometimes I look at pics of a room full of old dusty, smelly (to some) books and think...that's what the inside of my head looks like.  My mind has an old roll top desk in the left hand corner with an old chair, that has rusty wheels, pushed up… Continue reading There is nothing I find sexier than…


Illustration Inspiration

So this is my Facebook banner (the first one anyway).  I love that owl so much, the poor little guy needs a name though, I will have to think about that.  I am a huge fan of the poem The Owl and The Pussycat, so I may have to look to the poem for inspirations… Continue reading Illustration Inspiration


Crazy Cats and A Beer Bus.

I sprayed the bathroom this morning with very diluted bleach, and then the cat attacks start.   Maaty (named, by my 10 year old son, after the Egyptian Cat God) attacks Tig (named by my 7 year old daughter after the other 4 billion cats called tiger), then Maat attacks the bath mat, which I am… Continue reading Crazy Cats and A Beer Bus.


Welcome to Tues…Only a few more days till the weekend…You can do it!

My take on an illustration that I have seen recently on Pinterest. (The original is by Felicia Atanasiu, who does such wonderful work!) Cowardly Lion: Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage! What makes the flag on the mast to wave? Courage! What makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty… Continue reading Welcome to Tues…Only a few more days till the weekend…You can do it!


Two Painted Ladies.

I did this one when I first started experimenting with painting.  I found that the best way to explore new techniques was to head on over to youtube (of course).  As you know it has everything you never knew you wanted to know and more.  I found a subject I was interested in, which was… Continue reading Two Painted Ladies.

Ipad Art

Fun With Animation App

So I was a little bored late last night and decided to have a little play with the Ipad, specifically the apps: Animation HD and Moquu (to create the GIF).  It has such potential that I really must put a day aside to create a decent cartoon to animate.  I seem to remember defacing the… Continue reading Fun With Animation App


Art In The Garden

Poppies, Fungi and Wattles. Poppy Spree:- I went on a poppy painting and sketching spree last year.  And I had a great time with it too.  By the end of the spree I was just using coloured pencils which I absolutely love at the moment. The top picture was on canvas paper and I had… Continue reading Art In The Garden