Art, Illustrations

Paper Boat Girl. In Progress. Updated.

I have completed a bit more on this piece.


A bit of a close up of the paper boat, which I am very happy with.

Tossing up whether or not to add a neck and a shoulder with a tattoo of an anchor on it…I might just pencil it in and see how it looks.

In the next few months I will be having some of these ink designs printed on to ceramics, plates, mugs etc and I am also working on an ebook of the Wobbly House characters.  So…I have plenty to keep me busy, how about you, what plans do you have in the works?  It is amazing how much you can achieve when you set yourself a goal.  My daughter has put up a small whiteboard in our loungeroom and has demanded that we all write our goals on it…so we did as we were told and lets see how we go.  Well I am off to achieve nothing right now, cause it is bed time!! So night night…

Ruby “not a paper boat” Canoe.

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