Hot Pink Butterflies

Here is another listing from the SCATTERFLIES range, by Ruby Canoe Design.  Ain’t she pretty?  These Scatterflies are great to use at a wedding, toss them across the wedding tables, make your own back drops or garlands or even decorate some cupcakes with them!

In the next few days (more likely weeks) I am thinking of posting a few tutorials on what to do with these things.  The first one is probably just some place cards and then we might move onto something a little more adventurous like backdrops.

So why not follow my blog or check out my Etsy shop to keep up to date on all the new products.

FYI:  Scatterflies are supplied in packs of 30 or 100 (pack of up to 300 in the works) and are priced at $5 (Australian Dollars).  Just click HERE to purchase.

Psst! Have You Heard Of Scatterflies?

So, have you heard of Scatterflies?  Probably not, cause I just made it up.  I decided to do a new line of products for my Etsy shop.  Complete with proper big girl packaging. And here is the completed product.

Scatterflies.  Hand punched paper cutouts of butterflies, dragonflies, and hearts…so far.  There are currently 27 in the range, but I do take requests…not to sing, cause nobody wants that! So if you are interested in Scatterflies or the concept of Scatterflies, but don’t see one in the colour you like or don’t see one in the shape you would like, just ask me!  🙂  You could also request a custom order from Etsy just by clicking HERE

So remember SCATTERFLIES by Ruby Canoe Design  $5 (Australian Dollars).  Tell your friends!!  xxx

Vintage Greeting Cards

I really do miss receiving these kind of cards.  When we were kids my Mum always kept any cards we got from family or friends.  The cards lived in a large plastic bag in the middle shelf in the middle cupboard of the hall way.  Every so often I would drag out the bag of cards and look at them (it was a while ago, and we had no internet and only 4 television channels to choose from, we made our own fun).

The above card was my absolute favourite card.  We had many of them kept safely in the plastic bag…wonder what happened to those cards? Anyway, they still sell these cards today and of course I have bought them for my own daughter for her birthday…once or twice.

Beautiful images.  Print them, frame them, love them.  Have a good day!

Ruby. xx

Mouthful Of Oil Anyone?

Okeydoke, here we go.  Sitting here typing away.  Two cats sitting on the floor looking at me like, well they are looking kind of concerned.  I have bulging cheeks. And there is a strange noise coming from my mouth.

I am oil pulling.

Soooo, have you ever heard of oil pulling (not that kind, out of the gutter people!).  Until last week I had never heard of it either.  I haven’t told any of my friends, I told my husband and he kind of went “alrighty then” (the general rule in our house is: happy wife happy life, I did not make this rule, but it seems to work).  Anyway back to oil pulling…oh God just typing this makes my stomach turn…When I was pregnant (keep reading it’s only a short little story) with my second baby, I didn’t want to go over the due day by 2 weeks like the previous child.  So I took a spoonful of castor oil (oil pulling does not use castor oil, so don’t panic) and threw up, holy crap that shit is disgusting (and I must have swallowed some of it, cause I went straight into labour within 1 hour), even now I know where that stuff is kept on the shelf at Woolies and I can not look at it, cause I dry reach and it is a little embarrassing in public. So the though of a spoonful of oil in my mouth was yukky.

Oil pulling is…um…basically using oil instead of toothpaste.  Keep reading and stop rolling your eyes.  So you put a teaspoon (or whatever suits you) of raw coconut oil in your mouth and you swish it about for twenty whole minutes.  Eye rolling yet? Yes twenty minutes.  Who has the time to do that you ask?  I do.  I work from home and have a few things to do during the day, so after school drop off yesterday I tried oil pulling for the first time.  I didn’t throw up, BONUS! I put a teaspoon of raw coconut oil into my mouth and swished and swished and did a few things and after twenty minutes of swishing I spat it into the bin (not the sink).  It feels good so far.

Now why you ask?  Apparently it whitens your teeth and it removes the bacteria blah blah.  I have heard it cures (yes cures!) cavities…I don’t understand that bit really?  How the hell that works I don’t know.

Anyway it is just a little experiment and I can’t see the harm.  I would just like whiter teeth and that is really the only reason.  There is plenty of info floating around so google away people.  Just remember to take some information with a grain of salt.  And seriously I am not recommending you do or try anything.  Just letting you know what I am doing.

Eye Spy

What I see when I look out my window:

  • Brown grass that crunches under foot (could do with some rain)
  • weeds (could do with a gardener!)
  • beautiful wrens (these beautiful wrens are fascinated by seeing themselves in the mirror of my car, this explains the poop in the side of my car…)

  • double bar finches
  • Lol a chicken egg (we have a ghost chicken…we have never seen it but we get about 3 eggs a week, just randomly placed in the garden…as you do)

  • Roma tomato plant
  • cherry tomato plant (both tomato plants have grown randomly, I suspect the seeds were washed down the sink…at this rate I will be able to make a chicken caesar salad complete with poached egg and chicken, just from stuff I find in the front yard)
  • gum trees

  • palm trees
  • wattle trees

  • a bus shelter
  • the park
  • walking track (I lied, it is really just a path to the local shops, but walking track sounds so much better)
  • jet fighters (RAAF base)

Short and sweet post.  What do you see when you peek outside?





Amazing photo.  This defines dedication.  Seriously, just look at this photo for a few seconds and try to understand what we are looking at.  What dedication this man has.





Now, I just researched this photo a little.  When asked if this was real Kawika Singson replied, the flames are real.  However the flames appeared, not due to the lava, but an accelerate. 

Still a great photo.  And it was taken because he wanted a cool (pun?) photo for his Facebook cover.  Why not, I say.  But a few people have made up their own description, which is fully understandable.  Look at the photo, and caption it without knowing the “truth”.  And who is to say that what I typed, about the real story, is the truth.  Ah the internet.  You confuse me.

Reminds me of the old saying “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear” maybe it should be added to “and believe some of what you read on the internet”

Note:  Pop over to Pinterest and search for this pin and read the comments…humans are funny.


Featuring: Diorama Man and Wild Girl

And you thought doing diarama’s at school was a challenge.

I took this photo when I was at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane last year.  Simply amazing isn’t it? I saw this floating around Pinterest lately and wanted to share it again.

By Nguyen Manh Hung, Click to visit

I haven’t posted much of my art work lately, because, well there hasn’t been any.  I have thrown all of my time and money into creating a successful Etsy store.  I still have lots to learn about it but I certainly know what direction I am going in now.  The Esty store is coming along nicely by the way.

I think I might have to start drawing again, just one a week and see where it goes.  My favourite still has to be Maxine.  I called her Maxine because I set out to pay homage to the greatest book of all time.  A book of which I own a hard cover version and a soft cover version.  A book that didn’t require a film, but got it anyway, not that it was terrible, just unnecessary.  A book whose story captivated many generations over many decades.

Where The Wild Things Are

Yes, when I drew Maxine I was actually drawing how I imagined myself in the book.  Because that’s how I read books.  I am the hero.  Do other people read books like that?  I remember the first time I read that book.  In my primary school library.  It had the same cover it does today, and on the cover where all those fancy gold stickers from all the awards it had won.  Did the stickers make it more special? I don’t know really.  What I do know is…








the end

PS do you now the worst thing about having a little blog?

Thinking of a title for each post…