Who Ya Gonna Call?

Some days it just all comes together.  And some days it just all turns to shit.  I had the first one today.  Yay for us.  I also bumped into a few (four) old and dear friends at the shops this afternoon.  That was really strange, but I was so happy to see them all.  It has been way too long.  I bet these people didn’t even know that I thought of them often.  How many people do you know that you think of often.  You should ring someone now, tell them you think of them.  Who is it going to be I wonder?


On the same sort of subject…I was in the kitchen the other day and had a really random thought…I must ring my Mum and tell her to invite her nephew to visit Mum and Dads farm?  Why? I don’t have a clue!  Must be for some strange reason.  So my Mum rang her nephew, as per instructed, and they had a great hour long chat.  I just found that really strange, but it was such a strong feeling, ah well, just go with it I suppose.


When I was growing up, I was always confused as to why our emergency number is “000”(in Australia only).  Imagine being in a great emergency and having to dial “000”.  It made no sense to my little brain.  Wouldn’t it be quicker as “111”?  Just sayin’.

tumblr_mgzepzqnf21ri8u0oo1_500red-telephone-box-urban-art sheep03telephone-sculpture-fil-de-fer

Ipad Owl.

Sorry for so many posts today…last one until Monday I promise (unless something really interesting comes up)…This Owl is another example of the app Paper for Ipad.   Refer to previous post.  Just having a heap of fun with the Ipad and Paper…

So have a great weekend all.  (I really wanted to say all y’all, cause I really love that, and I say it in Paula Deens voice…in my head…okay not really in my head, out loud,  just so my family fear me a little cause they think I might just be a little crazy).  See you Monday! xx Ruby xx

Paper 53.

I have just discovered an app called “Paper” on the Ipad.  It might take a bit of practise but I am really enjoying it.  The basic app is free with additions available…the additions start at $1.99 and go up to $7.49.  Really worth a look and a play.  Have fun people…if you do have Paper 53 or get it, why not post your creation onto my facebook page 🙂

10-4 good buddy! xxxRubyxxx

The Amazing Flowering Tea Balls.

This is a ball of tea, hand made. I think this one was jasmine tea.

Put boiling water into your teapot and add tea ball…do not leave…you will want to see it unfold.

And it starts to flower. And you start to smile 🙂

More flowering…more smiles 🙂

And it starts to float around the top, moving…

Then it starts to float to the bottom or is that sinks to the bottom?…let it steep for about ten minutes…or however you like your tea…I suppose you can try it every few minutes.

Insert artistic aerial shot here…I am not a professional, so you can’t book my photographic services, so try to control yourselves and refrain from begging me to take photos of your family…

A shot of the base of the teapot…complete with warming tea light. OMG is that why it is called a tea light? I think I am onto something here…
The teapot is an Avanti brand and it retails for about $50-$60 here in Australia. This includes the tea light stainless steel base. The flowering tea ball costs from about $2 and upwards. Google it, so pretty and very impressive!

Just a quick (not really quick) picture of a tower of teacups.

Flowering tea balls are usually served in containers made of glass so that the flowering effect can be seen. The flowering balls can usually be reused two or three times without the tea becoming bitter.  It is unknown if the tea balls are from modern China or much older.  So give it a try, you don’t have to buy a glass teapot, just put it in a glass bowl and see if you like it before investing $50, and if you like it go and get yourself one.  I am sure you could pick up a glass teapot for much cheaper as a bargin shop (um is it bad that my family calls these shops the shit shops?)

Enjoy a cuppa.

Ruby.  😀

Not aloud to laugh…

Oh how very true.  I have suffered badly from this one...

Oh how very true. I have suffered badly from this one…

However grammar is no laughing matter…

The words ‘aloud’ and ‘allowed’ sound similar and are sometimes confused.


The adverb ‘aloud’ means ‘out loud’ and refers to sound (almost always speech).


Please do not read aloud. You’re disturbing everyone else in the library.

The public are not keen on lip-syncing; therefore, medal hopefuls must all learn to sing the national anthem aloud.


‘Allowed’ is the past tense of the verb ‘to allow’, which means ‘to permit’.  ‘Allowed’ is synonymous with (the same as) ‘permitted’.


Small amounts of baby formula and breast milk are allowed in the aircraft cabin if a baby or small child is traveling.

I am not aloud to go to the party on Saturday.
(should be allowed)


(I love copy and paste!) (thank you http://www.grammar-monster.com) (And I do realise that my grammar is not perfect and this post is meant in good fun…) xxx R xxx

Close Encounter…

Body building boy kangaroo

Woke up late this morning, watched the news while having breakfast.  My daughter got ready for school and I go and wait in the car.  Suddenly remember that I didn’t make lunch for her…go and make a quick lunch, lacking in nutrition 😦 Get back in the car.  Well that wasn’t too bad.  8.15 am and on the road, off to school.  Travelling past the local military base where the kangaroos hang out every morning.  Doing around 100 kph, give or take 10 kph…a giant roo decides she will test my brakes out…I presume it was a she as she was big but not body building big as the boys can get…so…she just jumps full hop in the middle of the road, my brain goes bananas…do you know how many calculations your brain can do in one second, “is this real?’ “kangaroo jumping in front of car, apply brakes” “but not a ridiculous amount of brakes” “was there someone behind me?” and I answer no, “is there any on coming cars?” and I answer no, “is my daughter crapping herself?” “is anyone screaming?” no…braking, more braking…stop…and a slight noise…the car hit the roo on the tail… “wow that roo was as tall as the car” “omg, I am so glad I was paying attention”…so…we are all good…my girl, myself and the kangaroo, all good! 100 to zero in a few metres, not something I want to do everyday.

I drive on and my daughter and I start to laugh and I have a little scream and I love my car, and I love my new tyres and I am so glad it all turned out okay.  And now I was awake.  Anyway that was my morning trip to school, I hope not to do that again.  And that was my morning.  xxx

Cute girl kangaroos.

Cute girl kangaroos.


Note:  Do NOT ever swerve to miss an animal, many people have died doing this.  It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.  Kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk.  I was a little unlucky as it was very over cast this morning and the area that the kangaroos inhabit every morning had just had all the grass mowed.

100 Blog Post Ideas.



Blog post ideas???

  1. If you had superpowers what would they be and what would you do with it?
  2. Would being a billionaire be boring?
  3. What would you like to be buried with?
  4. Who loves you and you don’t even know about it?
  5. Why do you work so hard?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 10 days?
  8. 10 obscure movies I have seen
  9. How to waste an hour
  10. What pisses me off about shopping.
  11. List the animals you see in one day
  12. Describe you environment.
  13. How cold or hot is it at your place?
  14. Cats.
  15. Reality TV…reality or a huge load of crap?
  16. How to make the best hot chocolate ever.
  17. Sharing old family recipes.
  18. How to go to the toilet uninterrupted, by humans and  animals…step by step guide.
  19. A list of driving to school music, with the kids and without.
  20. Strange things at the side of the road…(saw a TV today).
  21. Have a rant.
  22. Making chocolate custard (my husbands idea)
  23. The best places to find a bargain.
  24. The weirdest thing that ever happened to me.
  25. Favourite childhood memories.
  26. Worst childhood memories.
  27. Customer service stories.
  28. The thing you treasure most is…
  29. The person you miss most is…
  30. Colours, lots of photos of lots of your fav colours.
  31. Unique products you love.
  32. Unusual pictures of unusual things.
  33. Story of your life.
  34. List all the things you have to do today.
  35. List all the things you would do if there were no limits.
  36. Write a letter to your teenage self.
  37. Stuff you take for granted but others don’t see everyday.
  38. Funny shit your kids say.
  39. Stupid shit you spouse does.
  40. Selfish shit your cat thinks.
  41. Cute things.
  42. Funny things.
  43. Things your parents said.
  44. Movie review.
  45. Book review.
  46. Are you really living?
  47. If you knew when you would die, what would you do?
  48. When was the last time you did something for you?
  49. What do you need to get rid of?
  50. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  51. Are you as nice to yourself as you should be?
  52. Why aren’t you changing/
  53. What have you learnt in your current job?
  54. How much more shit can you take?
  55. What goal do you want to achieve before the end of the month?
  56. The lyrics to your favourite song.
  57. Places you want to go to.
  58. Places you have been to.
  59. Ask you parents or relatives about their parents.
  60. Where are you from?
  61. Where are you going?
  62. Simple crafts.
  63. Did up some old art work from school and post it.
  64. Get some pinsperation. Pinterest.
  65. You favourite things to do on a weekend.
  66. Do you have too much stuff?
  67. Home project.
  68. Your favourite quotes.
  69. People you admire.
  70. Antiques.
  71. Vintage anything.
  72. Retro furniture.
  73. Fashion from different eras.
  74. How to save money on purchases.
  75. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  76. What do you want for your kids.
  77. What foreign country do you want to live in.
  78. Dogs.
  79. How to get motivated.
  80. Festive posts..Christmas, Easter, Mothers day etc.
  81. Favourite photos
  82. Favourite websites.
  83. Other blogs you love and read.
  84. What to wear.
  85. Where to go.
  86. What to do.
  87. Where to shop.
  88. How would your day go if you swapped with your spouse?
  89. What would you do differently if you had to go back to school?
  90. Take photos of your latest car trip.
  91. Diet tips.
  92. Random facts.
  93. Funky tattoos…
  94. I was alive before the internet!
  95. Your gardens progress.
  96. Any “how to” posts.
  97. Camping or travelling tips you use.
  98. How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
  99. How to be the master of your domain.
  100. How you stay happy.

Add your own in the comments section.

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday.

Well, last night I was a little bored, not that I didn’t have anything to do, just didn’t want to do it…so I gave the blog a bit of a face lift.  I hope I haven’t confused too many people.  I’d really like to know what you think about the change.  I think this format is a little bit user friendly and a bit prettier.  And I love the colours.  If you love colours you should check out Design Seeds, if you haven’t already, it is yum yum yummy!


After the blog lift I finished my picture of the paper boat girl.  I like most of it, I just think she looks a little masculine.  Well, they’re not all winners.  I’ll do another with the paper boat hat, cause I love that part of it.  I’ve posted a heap of this piece recently as I was wanting to show the progress of it.


It’s Saturday afternoon here and my daughter is watching the last few episodes of Santuary (she is bitterly disapointed) and I’m just having a cup of coffee, the breeze is beautiful and cool, I can hear the sweet little birdies in the trees by the front door.  The cats are watching the wrens from the safety of my bedroom (safe for the birds) and all is well at the moment.

So now I ask myself the eternal question…what to make for dinner???  If only there was something at my finger tips to tell me what to make for dinner…the oracle…the google…hmmm why do I always have to ask myself that question???? You would think that we would have no excuses with the internet to help with dinner…and even worse we just did the groceries and I have so much to choose from.  When we were shopping I thought I would make prawn wonton soup with Singapore noodles, but I just need to have a sit down and ggrrrr…or make another coffee and pull my finger out and help make a nice dinner and maybe have a nice glass of wine and blast some rockin music and have a great night…

And I would just like to send a big cyber hug from Australia to The Netherlands as my very good friend, Maaike, has just lost her Mother. 

For Maaike ♥

Paper Boat Girl. In Progress. Updated.

I have completed a bit more on this piece.


A bit of a close up of the paper boat, which I am very happy with.

Tossing up whether or not to add a neck and a shoulder with a tattoo of an anchor on it…I might just pencil it in and see how it looks.

In the next few months I will be having some of these ink designs printed on to ceramics, plates, mugs etc and I am also working on an ebook of the Wobbly House characters.  So…I have plenty to keep me busy, how about you, what plans do you have in the works?  It is amazing how much you can achieve when you set yourself a goal.  My daughter has put up a small whiteboard in our loungeroom and has demanded that we all write our goals on it…so we did as we were told and lets see how we go.  Well I am off to achieve nothing right now, cause it is bed time!! So night night…

Ruby “not a paper boat” Canoe.

Rockin’ Stuff

By Jaimie Hayon

By Jaimie Hayon

So where the hell would I put this green chicken rocker ~ don’t know.  What the hell would I do with this thing? ~ ride it I suppose.  What would it match, it’s green…~ Nothing.  But I want it real bad, you bet your sweet frilly knickers I do!  Seriously who would think of making this?  Jaimie Hayon did.

Seriously? Jeez.  Get your groove on…throw up…no more groove.  Pretty but not practical.

Oh My God, YES PLEASE!  What beautiful beautiful work done here.  I would have this any day. Oh yes I would find a place for it, somewhere, I suppose I could get rid of the dining table…maybe!

I have seen this one a few times over the years and always on Handmade Charlotte, I have seen that there is an artist by the name of Bharti Kher credited with this masterpiece. We maybe shouldn’t let the kids play with it though…or maybe we shouldn’t let the dad’s touch it either, you know what they’re like.

Holy Moly! A Mazing!!! by NextOfKin Creatives.  Humans never cease to amaze me.  So sleek and, well, you will never get splinters from this one. I just wanna give it a little ride around the block.

Rocking birds, hhmm now I am singing Mockingbird by Johnny O’Keefe and it is just about bed time, damn it!


Oh sigh, a rocking donkey…grumble grumble, I want one of them.

Rocking horses became popular only around the end of the 19th century, and boy have people made some wonderfully ornate pieces.  Ornate or plain, whatever your preference is, you can’t help but lapse back into childhood when you see the one that you still want.

How I Met Your Mother. Season Finale. No spoilers.

So just finished watching HIMYM, season finale, loved it, loved it, loved it.  My 19-year-old son summed it up by yelling at the screen “OMG it’s happening, it’s all coming together!” (we are not quiet reserved people in our house).

Fan Art  <3  If you know of a source please let me know so I can credit the artist.  :)

Fan Art

I think I watched the entire episode with a big silly smile on my face.  (Which is amazing as I have a headache that would kill a small to medium-sized dog).  So much happening, it was starting to come together.  Trying for no spoilers here.

  • The scene with Lilly and Robin (back in time) discussing the locket.  It always makes me happy when they go back to another time which we have already experienced but haven’t seen the whole story.  A great touch.
  • The scene with Marshall at his Mums house.  It just struck me that it takes a very large man to make Marshall look small.  His brother is huge.
  • The best scene is Marshall on the phone to the bearded guy (no spoilers here, so I have to be a bit cryptic).  The banter was fantastic.  Both actors equally great and comedic.
  • Poor Ted, he really needs something to take his mind of Robin.
  • And of course the scene with the camera focused on the boots, eeekk so exciting.  I was on the edge on my seat, really I was.  I don’t think I was the only one.  We have waited for many years and here it was.  The surprising casting was….surprising, but perfect.
Fan Art, It would be great to credit these things that we find on the internet, but sometimes you just can't find any source..  :(

Fan Art, It would be great to credit these things that we find on the internet, but sometimes you just can’t find any source.. 😦

Now if you haven’t seen the episode, please don’t google anything, leave it as a nice surprise.  Obviously not all of it will be a surprise, but some will and it’s just so nice.  Sweet and cute and nice.

So kids, set your alarm clocks (phones) to the last two weeks of September for the new season of How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM Gif.  <3

HIMYM Gif. ❤

Work In Progress.

600978_526776334024737_332649629_nJust started this one today.  I never like a picture in its first stages, so I am not too excited by this pic, but it has potential.  A lot of hours and a lot of detail to go.  I will try to do a bit more tomorrow, but in the mean time…I am off to “try” to make the famous pinterest pinata cookies…my version anyway…lets see what slop I can create tonight, “insert maniacal laughter here”.


Hhhhhmmm, I don’t think they are going to turn out quite like this…

The Lazy Mums version is:

  1. Buy cookie dough
  2. Cut off the ends and bake
  3. While still warm, cut with a cookie cutter,  trim every third one and hollow out (for the middle of the horse/donkey creature)
  4. Cool
  5. Sandwich together one side and a middle bit and fill with mini M&M’s and then put the lid on.
  6. Take photo and put it on blog.
  7. Stand back being all proud or ashamed, depending on result.

Well it is 7.43 pm, I suppose I better get crackin’.

Ruby “biscuit, biscuit” Canoe.


EDIT*** So, just finished the cookies…anything I just wrote about the pinata cookies, please disregard.  Crapity crap crap!

I had a thought though…I could make the first inside out pinata cookies ie. cookie with mini M&M’s thrown on top.  It did not go well.  I was going to make them for my daughters best friend…well she is getting plain old cookies.  But at least you can look at the nice photo of what they should look like ^



A List Of People I Would Like To Have Dinner With…

(dead or alive) (fictional or non-fictional)

  1. Elvis…Just had to get that one out of the way…
  2. My Grandfather
  3. Einstein
  4. Capt Picard
  5. Capt Janeway
  6. Wonderwoman
  7. Nathan Fillion
  8. Amelia Earhart
  9. My Grade 7 teacher Mr Mac
  10. Cary Grant
  11. John Wayne
  12. Maxwell Smart
  13. Don Adams
  14. Mel Brooks
  15. Doris Day
  16. Katherine Hepburn
  17. Audrey Hepburn
  18. Wash and Zoe
  19. Jimmy Stewart
  20. Joss Whedon
  21. Roberto Benigni
  22. Nancy Wake
  23. Madam Curie
  24. Geena Davis
  25. Humphrey B. Bear
  26. Merlin
  27. Samantha Stevens
  28. Cleopatra
  29. Joffrey…so I could smack that little bastard.
  30. Dr Victor Chan
  31. Howard Keel
  32. Jamie and Adam
  33. Picasso
  34. Leonardo di Vinci
  35. Will Ferrell
  36. Sally Ride
  37. Tesla
  38. Ansel Adams
  39. Charles Darwin
  40. Riker

And that’s all I can think of…apparently I’m gonna need a bigger table 🙂


Top 5 Cinemagraph Animal GIFs

Just discovered cinemagraph GIFs, just thought I would share a few of the cutest ones.  Hope you enjoy and it makes you all warm and fuzzy.






By Imrayya

Dog By Imrayya

Can’t wait to see more of these GIFs.

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The Great Gatsby.

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby

So excited to see The Great Gatsby.  I haven’t read the book, haven’t seen any screen version, so I don’t know what to expect.  But if Baz did it I really need to see it.  That guy and his team are amazing.  Everything is just so intentional.  When I say intentional I mean, everything you see in the screen shot is put there on purpose.  Nothing just happens, Baz Luhrmann puts it all there for your eyes to devour.  I think that a movie with Baz Luhrmann and Quentin Tarantino directing would be a nightmare to film and a dream for the rest of us.  The both of them are so intentional.  Jeez, could you imagine that movie…the prettiest death scenes ever…the blood so vibrant…the internal organs sparkling a ruby-red colour…maybe a movie not for the faint of heart!  (Just thought I would google image search their names and OMG here is a pic of them together…maybe a collaboration in the works?) (fingers crossed) (hey, a girl can dream).


Anyway…The Great Gatsby…I am purposely not reading anything about it, but I happen to have stumbled upon a few of the songs from the sound track.  Amazing.  Bring back the twenties style, let the men tap dance into our hearts again.  Men should be randomly tap dancing in the street.  Yep, that’s the way life should be.  Replace every corner Starbucks store with Big Bands and tap dancers and flappers.  And everyone needs a hat, yep hats, and feathers, girls, hats, feathers…getting carried away…it just aint gonna happen.  I will just go and see the movie and pretend.  Until then…here is the sound track list:

1. 100$ Bill – Jay-Z (0:05)
2. Back to Black – Beyoncé ft Andre 3000 (3:23)
3. Bang Bang – will.i.am (6:45)
4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) – Fergie, Q Tip & GoonRock (11:27)
5. Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (15:30)
6. Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra (19:27)
7. Over The Love – Florence & The Machine (22:12)
8. Where The Wind Blows – Coco O. of Quadron (26:37)
9. Crazy in Love – Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra (30:27)
10. Together – The xx (33:23)
11. Hearts A Mess – Gotye (38:51)
12. Love Is Blindness – Jack White (44:57)
13. Into the Past – Nero (48:17)
14. Kill and Run – Sia (53:37)

and a link to the full soundtrack on Youtube.(track 3 and 13 removed due to copyright issues).


I have heard a lot of people having a good whinge about the soundtrack not being historically accurate…too much rap…blah blah blah…it is not for everyone, but it is a movie filmed in 2012 and it seems to have mixed the eras beautifully.  Like everything, if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it.  Like I said, it isn’t for everyone.  I am not a huge rap/hip hop fan but I really love this album.  There is a massive 20’s vibe and Bryan Ferry singing Love Is The Drug…this song is so smooth and yummy.  Cool.



Oh Leo, I remember watching him on Growing Pains, he really has aged quite well, I must say.


And Isla, she’s awesome.  Love this look.

Looks like they spent as much time filming as they did doing the publicity shoots on this one.  When I was a teenager I used to collect movie posters, I think these posters are just to die for.  I really hope that the movie is all I think it will be.

If you haven’t checked out any of Baz Luhrmanns previous masterpieces, have a look.  Not many to choose from but I love ’em all.  Start at the beginning with Strictly Ballroom.  Dancing.  Music.  Awesome.

Ruby.  ♥


Hit 3000 views, Celebrate with Andre 3000.

Just a quick little post in celebration of hitting 3000 views 🙂 Yay.  So here is a few pic of Andre 3000.  What a dapper guy he is.  Like the lyrics or hate them you probably know them.

OutKast Hey Ya.


And from the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby is Beyonce featuring Andre 300 Back to Black.  Couldn’t find an official clip but this will have to do until then.



Huge thanks for visiting.  Every little bit helps!  Have an amazing day!

Ruby 3000. xxx

Fashion Sketches From The 20’s and 80’s.



Oh I had to laugh the other day, going through some old school stuff and found my sketches from the subject loosely titled “Fashion”.  I’m guessing it is aprox 1985.  I’m sure we could probably guess just by looking at these two pics.


This one is my favourite.  I was a little put out by the comments of the teacher.  The comment “Swatches/texture?”…didn’t you see my note at the top left hand corner in black texta felt pen and the word “gold” underlined in gold…I explained that I couldn’t find any black and gold mesh…well who could back then, it was all being used to make hand bags and to cloth models on game shows….ah we all remember the great mesh shortage of 1985 don’t we?  Hmmm those were tough times indeed.

I must say, I think I captured the expression, of a model, perfectly.

♥ Ruby.

Hair Moose And A Fairy Tale.

Hair Moose

Hair Moose

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She loved to be outside when all her friends wanted to watch the television.  She didn’t care at all.  She, in fact, preferred it. She preferred to be alone in the wild wild woods.  She proclaimed the woods her realm.  She walked those woods like she did actually own it.  She was the Empress of the Woods.  She would lay on the ground so she could see what was between the blades of grass and she could then also imagine being very tiny and living between the blades of these grasses.  She would look at the wild and untouchable mushrooms.  She would smell the wild flowers. And pick the flowers of the wild weeds to put in her hair.  She felt sorry for the wild weeds as people always overlooked their beauty.

She loved to lay on her back a watch the clouds go by, making shapes as all children do and some adults too if they have retained some of their childhood skills.  She would wait for the flocks of birds to fly over head and try to count them, knowing full well that she couldn’t possible count them all.  Once while trying to count the latest flock, one of them pooped on her.  Which she wiped off with the skirt of her white dress.  Her Mother washes everyday and she always expects extra washing from her little Empress.

In the woods is where she has made her Palace.  A majestic throne…a rock.  A table to hold her royal crown…a tree stump and long grass plated to make a crown.  A dance floor for regal balls…a bare patch of earth.  The animals of the woods would come to visit.  Like in most fairy tales the young girl is friends with all of the animals.  A young bear would come for morning tea on a Saturday.  On Mondays a family of rabbits would stop by.  The children rabbits would play in the palace and the Mum and Dad rabbits would have a audience with the Empress.  A beautiful white deer would visit to share a snack and a chat on Tuesdays.  But her best friend in the woods, and her best friend in the world was a moose.  The old moose would wander into the palace when ever he felt like it, when you get as old as Old Moose you can pretty much do anything and say anything you want…and he does.  They sit and exchange stories from the week.  He tells her stories about the “before” times.  The before times are the times that happened before her Father’s family owned the woods.  He told her about the first time he saw flying things that weren’t birds, about the noisy tin carts that travelled on the black roads.  She loved his tales and him so very much.  One day she asked him how old he was, his answer was…I don’t know, because we animals don’t care how old we are, every sunrise is a new and exciting day, and the little woods Empress agreed wholeheartedly.

One day the Empress of the Woods declared that the image of herself with moose antlers would be her coat of arms, in honor of her dearest and oldest friend.  They had many many good times together and were life long friends.  They were best friends who always stood together and laughed together.

Oh and by the way, Old Moose must be almost 120 years old and moose don’t live that long, but in these woods anything is possible.

Ruby Canoe.  xx

Hump Day Funny…

Now, this is a great life lesson people.  Always wear undies, and you get bonus points for clean ones.  I really can’t confirm if this is a true story but is bloody hilarious.  I must say, what a lovely, caring wife she was…was…I don’t think, even if her husbands bits have neon arrows and a name tag, she’ll be tucking them back in next time.  Lets hope for everyones sake that there isn’t a next time.

Do something awesome today.

Ruby “clean undies” Canoe  🙂