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The Great Gatsby.

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby

So excited to see The Great Gatsby.  I haven’t read the book, haven’t seen any screen version, so I don’t know what to expect.  But if Baz did it I really need to see it.  That guy and his team are amazing.  Everything is just so intentional.  When I say intentional I mean, everything you see in the screen shot is put there on purpose.  Nothing just happens, Baz Luhrmann puts it all there for your eyes to devour.  I think that a movie with Baz Luhrmann and Quentin Tarantino directing would be a nightmare to film and a dream for the rest of us.  The both of them are so intentional.  Jeez, could you imagine that movie…the prettiest death scenes ever…the blood so vibrant…the internal organs sparkling a ruby-red colour…maybe a movie not for the faint of heart!  (Just thought I would google image search their names and OMG here is a pic of them together…maybe a collaboration in the works?) (fingers crossed) (hey, a girl can dream).


Anyway…The Great Gatsby…I am purposely not reading anything about it, but I happen to have stumbled upon a few of the songs from the sound track.  Amazing.  Bring back the twenties style, let the men tap dance into our hearts again.  Men should be randomly tap dancing in the street.  Yep, that’s the way life should be.  Replace every corner Starbucks store with Big Bands and tap dancers and flappers.  And everyone needs a hat, yep hats, and feathers, girls, hats, feathers…getting carried away…it just aint gonna happen.  I will just go and see the movie and pretend.  Until then…here is the sound track list:

1. 100$ Bill – Jay-Z (0:05)
2. Back to Black – Beyoncé ft Andre 3000 (3:23)
3. Bang Bang – (6:45)
4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) – Fergie, Q Tip & GoonRock (11:27)
5. Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (15:30)
6. Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra (19:27)
7. Over The Love – Florence & The Machine (22:12)
8. Where The Wind Blows – Coco O. of Quadron (26:37)
9. Crazy in Love – Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra (30:27)
10. Together – The xx (33:23)
11. Hearts A Mess – Gotye (38:51)
12. Love Is Blindness – Jack White (44:57)
13. Into the Past – Nero (48:17)
14. Kill and Run – Sia (53:37)

and a link to the full soundtrack on Youtube.(track 3 and 13 removed due to copyright issues).


I have heard a lot of people having a good whinge about the soundtrack not being historically accurate…too much rap…blah blah blah…it is not for everyone, but it is a movie filmed in 2012 and it seems to have mixed the eras beautifully.  Like everything, if you don’t like it just don’t listen to it.  Like I said, it isn’t for everyone.  I am not a huge rap/hip hop fan but I really love this album.  There is a massive 20’s vibe and Bryan Ferry singing Love Is The Drug…this song is so smooth and yummy.  Cool.



Oh Leo, I remember watching him on Growing Pains, he really has aged quite well, I must say.


And Isla, she’s awesome.  Love this look.

Looks like they spent as much time filming as they did doing the publicity shoots on this one.  When I was a teenager I used to collect movie posters, I think these posters are just to die for.  I really hope that the movie is all I think it will be.

If you haven’t checked out any of Baz Luhrmanns previous masterpieces, have a look.  Not many to choose from but I love ’em all.  Start at the beginning with Strictly Ballroom.  Dancing.  Music.  Awesome.

Ruby.  ♥


1 thought on “The Great Gatsby.”

  1. I saw the movie a couple of weeks back. Liked the easier pace compared to a movie set in modern times. Of course, it is extravagant. And Di Caprio is, as usual, intense and fantastic. I had imagined an epic tale as it has been touted as a classic. Here I came away disappointed.

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