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The Amazing Flowering Tea Balls.

This is a ball of tea, hand made. I think this one was jasmine tea.
Put boiling water into your teapot and add tea ball…do not leave…you will want to see it unfold.
And it starts to flower. And you start to smile 🙂
More flowering…more smiles 🙂
And it starts to float around the top, moving…
Then it starts to float to the bottom or is that sinks to the bottom?…let it steep for about ten minutes…or however you like your tea…I suppose you can try it every few minutes.
Insert artistic aerial shot here…I am not a professional, so you can’t book my photographic services, so try to control yourselves and refrain from begging me to take photos of your family…
A shot of the base of the teapot…complete with warming tea light. OMG is that why it is called a tea light? I think I am onto something here…
The teapot is an Avanti brand and it retails for about $50-$60 here in Australia. This includes the tea light stainless steel base. The flowering tea ball costs from about $2 and upwards. Google it, so pretty and very impressive!
Just a quick (not really quick) picture of a tower of teacups.

Flowering tea balls are usually served in containers made of glass so that the flowering effect can be seen. The flowering balls can usually be reused two or three times without the tea becoming bitter.  It is unknown if the tea balls are from modern China or much older.  So give it a try, you don’t have to buy a glass teapot, just put it in a glass bowl and see if you like it before investing $50, and if you like it go and get yourself one.  I am sure you could pick up a glass teapot for much cheaper as a bargin shop (um is it bad that my family calls these shops the shit shops?)

Enjoy a cuppa.

Ruby.  😀

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