Chocolate Bilby for Easter?

Happy Easter to all of my wonderful family who I see all the time, and especially the ones I don’t see all the time.

And Happy Easter to you, that is if you believe in Easter…and if you don’t, have a happy and relaxing Sunday xxx

In Oz we have chocolate bilbies available for Easter.  Because the bilby is endangered, each sale of a chocolate bilby goes towards helping to save these little cuties.

Check out the wiki page for bilbies:


Hot Trailer Love <3.

Beautiful patterns and beautiful textures in my beautiful little trailers; “Princess Cupcake” and the well received “Pretty Blue and Pink Trailer”.  So nice to cruise through Pinterest and check out all the revamped trailers or caravans.  I am sure it takes so much love and so very much money.  And all the patience that I do not have but would love.


And this may very well be the only wine you are allowed to drink in my super fantastic, very retro caravan (of my mind).  By a Some Young Punks…Super cool and a little sexy.  Love the labels and the names are just as awesome.  Am I the only one who picks wine because the labels are awesome…surely not!  Me looking for a nice bottle of wine:  dum de dum…hmmm, merlot, (pretends to read label and pretends I care if it goes with meat or dessert) maybe a cab sav or …oh look pretty, a seahorse, oh look something retro, oh vintage, oh buy all the wine…   😀

Some Young Punks, it’s just fun:

  1. Drink & Stick…This bottle is provided with stick on clothes for the scantily clad young Bettie Page(ish) woman.
  2. Monsters, Monsters Attack…Picture is big monster, he step on little people and use lasers out of eyes to get the rest.
  3. Passion Has Red Lips…This is taken from a very old, lets say, sexy type of book.
  4. The Squids Fist…Reminiscent of 20,000 leagues under the sea (I always sing those last three words).
  5. The Fire In Her Eyes…It’s probably from the first four bottles of wine she had.
  6. Naked On Roller Skates…I have never been…
  7. Quickie…umm, we all love a quick glass of wine on the odd occasion.

Have a great Saturday/night.  Have a nice glass or red (or two or three).

Ruby “Red” Canoe

A Cupcake A Day, For A Whole Month.


This illustration can be found in my Etsy shop

Oh My! Just couldn’t resist posting this (very long) pic of a Cupcake For Everyday Of The Month…

It, conveniently, provides the recipe too! That is so nice.  So give some of these a go and let us all know how it went. Most don’t look to complicated.  I think I will have to jump to day # 23, it always my “go to” cake!


Enjoy your few days off and why not have a crack at some of these little beauties.

Sweet Dreams Cupcakes!

Sweet Little Ruby ❤

Some Chairs To Share…

Just in love with the art of these chairs.  In my other pretend life, (the one with the beach house and the 2 golden retrievers) I have some of these in the lounge room and one or two on the way to the east wing…as you do!






achair purple





Amazing what colour can do, right?  I have a sudden urge to start upholstering everything now.

To walk into a room filled with colour is such an amazing feeling to me, makes my little heart smile.  I think I might just attempt to add some more colour into my life and house.  Well that will have to wait until tomorrow as it is going on to 2.45 am here in Queensland Australia and it might be time to have a nice sleep…public holiday tomorrow (today) don’t have to drive everyone to school…yayayayyaay!!!! Night Night, sleep tight!!! xxx Ruby “Zzzzz” Canoe xxx

Let’s Go On A Little Vacation!

Luggage means travel.

When I see these old suitcases I just imagine the things they’ve seen and the places they’ve gone.  Who owned them so many years ago?  Who owns them now?  Would the original owners be happy we have discovered new ways to upcycle these little wonders, truth be known they probably couldn’t care less really.  It would be like some cool young chicky, 60 years in the future, upcycling your old Ipad into a piece of art that sits on a bio-mechanical frame,  in the middle of the kitchen and does the dishes on a whim.  (If this upcycled craft has hit Pinterest, I haven’t seen it yet, so please message me with a link).


    PHOTO: No source. Illustration :


 PHOTO:  No source. Illustration:




LADY & LUGGAGE:   Source unknown 😦






 YELLOW/PINK: Can’t find a source for these beauties!

Terra and Luna


Meet Terra and Luna.  Together they truly are awesome, without one the other can’t exist.

I’ve just watched a fantastic doco on the Galapagos Islands with David Attenborough narrating.  I’m only half way through but it’s one of the best docos I have seen in recent times.  His narrating just enhances the quality of this production. What an amazing place the Galapagos Islands are.  Evolution is truly an amazing thing to see.  Highly recommended.  (Currently being shown on the ABC in Australia)


Well, ya get what you pay for, right?

Gotta love an old camera or three.

Cameras; they can capture some awesome images.  And some not so awesome images.  We’re all in possession of a crap photo or two, the ones that were taken without the double-chin filter on the camera (product does not exist) or the photos with you posing in your sexiest pose, but then you look at it and go “holy crap is that my sexy pose…jeez no wonder…”


Recently I have been exposed to some very “interesting”, “professional” photographs. (I would love to share them with you so we could all laugh together, but I couldn’t humiliate someone like that).


 I had one of those old fashioned, all too rare, belly laughs.  My sister, who is an actual professional photographer, has always said to me, “just because you own a  camera doesn’t make you a photographer.”  Well as always, she is right (not always, but she’s probably going to read this).  I was looking at the, interesting,  photographers website (and I will not divulge the name), and had the previously mentioned belly laugh, but I kinda felt bad about it.  What if the people that are in these really bad photos thought they were the best they had ever seen…?  Maybe some day the subject of these photos will send them into Ellen and win a prize for them…cause that would be the only upside I think.  In reality I would expect a lot of these pics to be thrown in the bottom draw next to the old fashioned, boring school class photos, or tied to a chuck of cement and thrown in a lake.  It is just bad.


Before you invest in something as important as professional photos, do your research.  You have to pay for quality, but it is an investment.  If these people offer to take 400 photos (this number completely exaggerated) and put them on a disc,  and will also make you dinner and take you to a movie, for $72.59 you can bet your sweet arse they will be shit, crap, bad.

In closing, you get what you pay for.  Usually, you don’t understand that saying until you are in your late 30’s or 40’s, and you have wasted a shitload  lot of money on an inferior item…your welcome (a lot of you will already know this having bought that cheapo washing machine or that bargain vacuum cleaner, both of which only lasted 13 months, because the warranty ran out at the 12 month mark and I’m sure these things have an inbuilt destruction device that is timed to go off after the warranty runs out). (If this hasn’t happened to you…it will)

Ruby Canoe…vintage camera lover 🙂


stock photo 123RF

stock photo 123RF




Thank You Thank You Very Much, you’ve been a beautiful audience!

Seriously you have! I just want to say a big thank you to all who have dropped by to have a look and to those that have liked, commented and reblogged as well.  In the few short months I have been doing this I have learnt a lot.  I can now do a post in under 5 minutes instead of the 4 hours the first one took.  I have met a few lovely people and not one crap person…yet…this is not a challenge people.  I have only ever used my lap top to look at the news etc and now I have set up my facebook page (without help from my teenagers) I set up my blog and set up my Etsy store, it doesn’t sound like much to some, but I have really enjoyed learning.  I know 1000 isn’t much and some sites can probably hit this in an hour but I am really happy with it, it’s a start, right.

Do other blogger ever feel like they are just talking to themselves? Or is it just me?  I find it funny sometimes, I have to resist the urge to comment and like my own posts, does any one else do that too?

My goal for this month is to actually hit 50 likes on facebook (pity likes are more than welcome!!!) so follow the link and hit like…pleassssseeee!!!! xxxxxx

Ruby Canoe ❤

Top 3 Pin Up Gals

Top 3 Pin Up Gals.

  Betty Grable…Back when movie stars had a butt and hips and that was completely normal.  The number one pin up gal of World War 2 was Betty Grable.  Had her legs insured by the movie company for $1,000,000.00.  Had her body painted on countless war planes, had her poster pinned up in hundred of thousands of lockers.  Miss Betty Grable, she just looks like a funny gal.  Someone you could hang with.  For me, the most famous of her movies is How To Marry A Millionaire with the equally as fabulous Miss Lauren Bacall, (and of course MM) these gals had spunk.  Take in a few of her movies, it will be well worth it and something a little different from a few of the choices we have at the moment.


  Miss Sophia Loren, wow, that gal is all woman.  Only an accent would make her sexier, oh hang on…okay she is just perfect, right?  The old saying is she would look good in a potato sack applies here.  This woman is a strong, take no bullshit kinda woman.  There should be more of it I say.  What happened? Where did these kind of woman go and how did we end up with “actresses” like, lets say the Lindsey Lohan?  (and is Lindsey just famous for being a giant twat now?)  Sophia is getting on a bit now (78) and she is still awesome.  Love to watch her act, love her in interviews, just love her.


  The fabulous; Gene Tierney.  Absolutely in love with her.  She starred in two of my favourite movies.  The first being The Ghost and Mrs Muir, which was beautifully filmed and acted, this movie is still very watchable today.  Also starred Rex Harrison as the Captain (the ghost).  Very sexy Rexy I must say.  Gene plays the part of Mrs Muir, a widow and up and coming author, with a little help from the Captain.  Of course they fall in love, which is heart breaking.  It really pulls at the heart strings.  The final scene always makes me sob like a baby, always, every time, I try not to but, every time.   So if you need a good cry watch it.   The second movie is Leave Her To Heaven, what a bitch in this one.  Love the scene on the beach only because I love the swimmers she is wearing.  What a beautiful fabulous woman she was, but always looks sad even when she’s smiling.

Foot Note: Whilst researching this topic I discovered that there is such a thing as Wikifeet…I am not judging!

So do yourself a favour, go and watch these gals shake their things or just watch any old black and white movie.   They’re pretty damn good.

Ruby xx ❤

Heart of the Steam Machine

Heart of the Steam Machine Giclee Print 8x10

I think this rusty little fellow is my favourite.  His name is Spencer and he has a great personality.  Not a great personality as in…gee he’s got a grreeeaatt personality, if you know what I mean…he just has.  He is a little gruff at times, speaks is a low low slow slow deep voice.  He moves giant hearts at the giant heart factory.  Has a break only when he needs it and treats all the other steam machines very well.  He likes to show them all how it was done in his day.  He may be rusty but he is sparkling on the inside and his heart is much bigger than the ones he moves all day.

Available at my Etsy store:

Your Carriage Awaits

Your Carriage Awaits- Little Red Car Giclee Print 8x10

Available in my Etsy shop

I love this little fella, I feel like I’d love to travel around the countryside in Italy in this guy.  Might need a name though.

Any suggestions????  Hmm I know that a lot of people don’t like to comment on posts on a blog, but shouldn’t we all just get over that whole not commenting thing?  Make some new friends, go on… a pity comment maybe? A comment to tell me to stop asking for comments? Have you ever notice that when you keep saying the same word over and over again it just doesn’t sound right…you can say comment to yourself whilst commenting on my requests for a comment.

Have a nice night/day where ever you might be.

❤ Ruby “No Comment” Canoe

Segal Visits Putin!!?? Huh?

I don’t watch the news very often.  For good reason.  I really find it difficult to sit through the news.  A little bit of death and destruction with breakfast anyone? I just don’t find it a great way to start or end my day.  I don’t feel any smarter having watched the news, didn’t learn anything of worth, sat through crappy ads that are always louder than the show I am watching, watch the news reader tell me all about this crappy person that killed that crappy person, or that crappy excuse for a husband killing his awesome and non-crappy wife, after the delivery of the latest death and destruction the news reader then instantly becomes happy and here comes the cheesy smile.  Yep. Seen it all before.

Having said all that.  I did catch some wonderful and uplifting news recently.  Seems some of the world leaders are deciding to be a little more sociable.  Just so cute seeing that nice young man Dennis Rodman hangin’ with his new homey, Kim Jong Un.   Half expecting Kim to show up to the next execution of a General with some awesome piercings and maybe 4 or 7 fabulous necklaces. Whatever did they talk about. Did Dennis have a quiet word about world peace or who is going to make it to the top ten in American Idol? OOOh I just got a vision of what North Korean Idol might be like, lol.  Well it is just nice to see these two hanging out being bros.  Maybe they are facebook friends now.  Wouldn’t that be cute.  Anyway they aren’t the only ones with a new bromance brewing.  Yes, I just saw it, Steven Segal and the shirtless one, Mr Vladimir Putin and he had a shirt on and he wasn’t on a horse when I saw him.  Just hanging with Segal.  Segal and Putin.  ( I am still a little attracted to Steven, yeah I don’t know why either) It is just weird.  Something about promoting health and fitness in Russia.  I wasn’t really that interested.  But it did get me thinking.  Maybe we (Australia) need to send one or two of our “stars” to meet the new Pope, before someone else gets in first. Here’s my list of people we should send to meet the new Pope…

Darryl and Ozzie…Maybe a game of Chook Lotto before dinner?

Daryl & Ozzie

John Jarrett? Send John Jarrett to Rome…man this guy is Stephen King scary! Wolf Creek anyone.  I feel an exorcism coming on.

Paul Hogan as Leo…To meet Pope!

Julia Gillard points during a press conference in Canberra on October 13, 2011.

Or we could send Julia Gillard bahahah…oh hang on,…. damn it, that will probably happen.

Bet Julia is already planning her trip, and us nice tax payers might even chip in.



Luggage Juggling?


Haven’t we all felt like this at times, metaphor for life? Available at my Etsy store along with about 31 others…so far 🙂

I think next weeks task it to start creating some new pieces.  I was thinking about doing a series of bubble gum machines, or something similar.  And possibly doing a kids story to go along with the “The Houses of Wonky Way” illustration (blog post 21st Feb ).  Got some great ideas for that one! Also next week will be the week I look into promoting myself through Etsy, I guess I will have to research that one.  If anyone has any ideas that has work for them just let me know, it’s always nice to hear what people come up with.

All set for a great weekend with the family.  Both kids are having birthdays this week, I have had one request for a cheesecake and one for chocolate mud cake, really looking forward to the cheesecake.  Unless I can find a recipe for a low-fat and non carb cheesecake I don’t think I will be having too much though….sad face!

Have a great week-end!! Don’t get up to too much trouble and if you do, don’t get caught I suppose 🙂

Ruby Ruby Ruby




Finally opened!

Why not pop on in and have a look around at my Etsy shop.  I have just listed 32 different illustrations for purchase.  Retro and vintage feel to most of them.  Trailers/caravans, cars, yummy looking CUPCAKES for your kitchen!!  Really cute, so come over and have a look and let me know how it looks by leaving a comment on Facebook or on the blog.

Just click the link.  And thanks!!!!  (On Etsy it is listed as Ruby Canoe Design)

Ruby Canoe!!   xxxxxxxx  ❤  ❤   (Can you tell how excited I am??)))Xxxx!!!!!

9 Hours Till Launch…

So after many months of work, my Etsy store is almost ready to roll!!  I’m really excited to start this journey.  I’m also really excited to get back to creating and designing as I’ve devoted so much time to getting this up and going.

10 Things I Have Discovered In The Last Few Months:

  1. Good things take time (so do mediocre things, I suppose, but that is not the point).
  2. Crappy things take up more time.
  3. I have reached that age where I have to ask my kids for help with technology.
  4. My kids don’t mind helping me with Photoshop, but they do judge me when I ask how to use a USB stick (well I have never needed to use one before, seriously, never, what would I need a USB stick for?).
  5. Cats don’t care if I have spent 3 hours working on something on Photoshop, they still like to sleep on the keyboard.
  6. Cats eat my lunch if I don’t pay attention, especially if I am having tuna.
  7. Cats are funny after they have eaten some of my lunch, especially if I am attempting to eat sweet chilli tuna.
  8. It doesn’t matter how many channels I get, there is still nothing to watch.
  9. You meet some really nice people on Word Press, Facebook and Etsy.
  10. I have discovered that I can use my lap top, listen to YouTube and watch Medium and still expect to be in control of the remote.

^Zulu, my “baby”^

So 9 hours till Etsy launch, come on over and have a look (we all like stats) hit like or favourite on Etsy and please let me know how it looks (we all like encouragement).  It is listed as Ruby Canoe Design (Ruby Canoe Illustrations didn’t fit) and I will post a link after the shop has opened.

Thanks for visiting!

Ruby Canoe



It’s A Banner Day…Well It Was But That Was Yesterday!

Well it would have been a banner day today…if today was still today, instead today is now 1.20am (ish) and I have been trying to post something all day (not constantly, cause that would be bizarre).  Then I had the bright idea to turn back time and use explorer…it is weird! Took me a good 30 seconds to figure out where to type in the address, well it has been a while.  So I usually use Firefox and every time I was trying to do a blog post or look at stats or put in my new banner  it was asking me to log in again.  Sounds dumb, but I was almost crying at one stage.  Has anyone had the same issue? And if you did how on earth did you fix it. Please comment and help me, If I don’t find out I am doomed to be trapped back in time.


Anyway, moving right a long.  I am not a Photoshop expert.  But I finished a banner yesterday, which is also serving as the watermark for my illustrations.  I followed a tutorial and come up with this…Not perfect…yet, but I really love it. Like I said in my Facebook post, I feel very bi-polar (no offense intended) about Photoshop, I love it and it made me cry I hated it so much.  (I really never cry at all, so when I do it is for a really good reason, or it is that time of the month and someone looked at me wrong).  The Etsy shop is almost set to go and will be open for business by Friday.  So once I have all my illustrations (total of 32 in the shop waiting for the green light) up and outta my mind then I can maybe spend a bit more time with Photoshop.

If you would like to send me some love I would love it if you hit like and visit me on Facebook and hit the little like button.

Thanks for your visit.

Lots of Love

Ruby “Photoshop Demon” Canoe


Where The Wild Eggs Are!


The wild eggs are in my front yard.

We have rogue chickens.  Yep rogue chickens, not chickens that are nonconformists, or are livin off the grid, just chickens that turn up in our front yard and lay eggs.  Well I presume they’re chickens, because none of us have ever seen a chicken wandering our front yard, probably because we live in kinda suburbia (kinda suburbia would be: not living 10cm from the next house, but about 10 metres from the next house, and a fairly big backyard).

Things we have seen in or around our front yard:

  1. A turtle (We live about 700 metres from a creek, poor turtle must have been tired.)
  2. A peacock (scared the holy shit out of me when it honked as I walked passed)
  3. A huskie in the back yard (he was as unhappy as I was to see him in the yard, very cranky dog)
  4. A rottweiler under my house (open the door of the office and standing infront of me was a GIANT rottweiler, we look at each other and I close the door and waited half an hour, strange encounter)
  5. A kangaroo (my daughter was waiting for the bus in the bus shelter across the road, ear phones in, as teens do, looks up, kangaroo jumps by, weird!).  Us Aussie think that people from other countries think that we have kangaroos just jumping down the middle of our streets, well, to be honest, sometimes it does happen, but not often!
  6. Snakes (not many, about…5 in the front yard over 20 years, that’s enough,

On the up side maybe the snakes will get rid of the chicken problem 😮

More Monsters, Wild Thing Monsters!

 Artist:Matthew Armstrong

Artist:Matthew Armstrong

Wild Thing I thing I think I love you!  “Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so!”

I can’t imagine there are many people who haven’t read this book.  When I read it I was Max and I felt sad and cranky to be in the room by myself, and before you know it my room had trees in it!  Then the freedom I felt when I was transported onto a little boat on a never-ending sea was exhilarating.  To see those Wild Things for the first time…I can’t lie…I was scared, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.  We became friends.  I was crowned the king of all the Wild Things, but really missed my Mum.  I would miss my subjects but as a kid, that was loved so much, I didn’t want my Mum to worry, and I could do with some supper.

I always used to wonder…Did Max ever go back for a visit?  Apparently I still wonder about it.  And so is the power of Where The Wild Things Are.

Head on over to fantastic site with a heap of fan art in tribute to the greatest book ever.  I have 2 copies of Where The Wild Things Are (one hard cover and one not) I got them both for Christmas one year from my family.  After many years of complaining, to them, about not owning a copy of the book, I received 2 for Christmas.

The picture above is by Matthew Armstrong and I have put a link to his deviant art page.  Go and have a look.  Lots of different stuff to browse through.  It’s really worth the trip.



I haven’t watched the movie, even though I was really looking forward to it.  When it came around, I kinda didn’t wanna anymore.  I don’t want it to ruin the book for me.  Maybe one day.

Ruby “Wild Rumpus” Canoe.



Love the “monsters”.  Maybe we really shouldn’t call them monsters, maybe they’re just misunderstood.  Drac just wanted a kiss and slipped, (albeit repeatedly)(clumsy?) bleh bleh bleh.  Poor Godzilla must have felt lonely being so big, and those feet stepping on all those cars, well we all know how it feels to step on a lego or two, poor Godzilla.  The witches are just looking for wart cream, and will resort to spells to try to fix them, who wouldn’t? And Frankensteins monster wants a cuddle, so confused, all those bits sewn together, from all different personalities, maybe just needs some therapy to help him deal with it.  Yep just misunderstood I say.

These stamps are by Adam McCauley –>

Ruby Raa Canoe xxx

What To Draw and How To Draw It.


A little discovery I made on This is a small selection of the book, What To Draw And How To Draw It by E.G Lutz.  I think these illustrations are just fantastic.  If you have kids, these illustrations would be great for them to follow.  I remember those “easy” to follow “how to” instructions, you know the ones, the ones with all the bloody circles.  I’m sure they were great for most people but I found them very confusing.

So give these little beauties a shot.  Just love the hummingbirds and the owls!


So cute!


Just love the tails on all of these bird illustrations!

whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0040 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0041 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0042 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0043

Things just don’t really change much, do they?  Even a hundred years ago, people liked to draw owls.  Ya can’t go wrong with owls, right?

whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0044 whattodrawhowtod00lutz_0045

Whereever you are in the world, have a great day/night.

(Tuesday morning for me.)

♥Ruby RubyRuby♥


Happy Birthday Cupcake!

christmas and illustrations 046

Happy Birthday, that is, if it happens to be your birthday, and if not, then you should probably follow my blog and refer back here when it is your birthday ❤  If it is your birthday; what did you get for your birthday?  Did you get pressies and cake? I really think that we should take a page out of Alice in Wonderland…not literally, cause that would be bad…but maybe we should start celebrating our unbirthdays, that sounds like heaps more fun.  Maybe when we wake up every morning we should look in the mirror and smile to ourselves and say “well, Happy Unbirthday to me” and start celebrating each and every day.  Not really realistic because we all have crap to deal with but maybe having your unbirthday almost everyday of the year will make it a better year.  A better year for you and a better year for those who know you as well.  Maybe we should omit the cake everyday though, cause we all know that cake is not an everyday food.

Oh and by the way, the Happy (Un)Birthday cupcake will be available in the Etsy shop in a week or two, the print won’t have the black frame and professionally photographed and printed.

Hit like if you like, cause I am a little needy at times…just a little bit, lets face it, everyone likes to be liked…right?

With Love ♥Ruby xxxx